Board Cover Rescue

Have you ever bought an ironing board cover and it doesn’t quite fit your ironing board? I fixed that problem. Cut a 3″ strip of fabric long enough to sew to the edge of the new ironing board cover. Then fold one of the long edges over about 1/2″ and put a drawstring between the fabric and sew it down. Then sew the other long edge to the edge of the ironing board cover. Place the cover over your ironing board and tighten the drawstring and tie. Now you have a larger cover and it fits perfectly.

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7 thoughts on “Board Cover Rescue

  1. My favorite ironing board is so old that they don't even make covers for that shape anymore. So, I buy teflon fabric and make my own cover, using the drawstring method to make it fit. One end is a little difficult to fit, so I use elastic straps with clips to make it taut. You could use fabric to match your ironing room!

  2. My cat loves to lay on my ironing board when I'm not Using it. I got tired of removing cat fur bfore ironing so I bought a second cover, Now when I get ready to sew, I remove the cat and the top cover. Just remember to replace the top cover when you are finished.

    1. You can find some in the laundry area of a big box store, like laundry baskets etc. Or in the bedding area. I have some for the fitted bed sheets, they’re for each corner to keep from slipping. It is an 8-10″ elastic band with flat clips on each side.

  3. when sewing labels onto a finished quilt I always found it hard to get the stitches even. I solved the problem by using a tracing wheel that I used in making patterns. Works very well for me.

  4. I will try this the next time I need a cover. Since I have a larger board and the company no longer makes the covers, I "made do". But don't like it. Also, since I have found larger covers, they are quite a bit more expensive. Thanks