Block Organizer

When working on a large quilt top, lay out the blocks on a queen-size or larger flat sheet. Once your layout is complete, pin the blocks to the sheet. If you need to put your project away before all the blocks are stitched together, you can just fold up the sheet and all the blocks will stay in place. This also works well for classes and retreats.

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2 thoughts on “Block Organizer

  1. I love this hint! Since I lay out my quilting on my guest bed, it will work great when guests need the room. I can pick it up quickly and return where I left off when the visit is finished. Thanks.

  2. At last! My cat will be foiled and will no longer able to mess up my block layout when I must leave it overnight. What IS it that attracts cats to delight in this activity. I can't wait to try this. Thank you.