Block Layout

Annie Brackett, Fallston, NC
Block Layout

I cut a flannel backed plastic tablecloth into 18" squares. As I cut pieces for blocks, I lay them out on the flannel side of the squares. I can stack the squares and roll the tack to take to my weekly quilt class or keep the stack by my sewing machine at home to keep my pieces in order.

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Keeping squares tidy
I have two pieces of 1/4" plywood covered with a heavy batting. I keep my squares either in it or on the flannel sided plastic tablecloth on my wall. The tablecloth is a good way to organize is your project is no more than 45" square.
similar to wall display
Sounds like a great hint, helps iif you are interrupted and not through with a block
Block Organization
I love both these ideas. Individual blocks laid out to sew and the design board to place them on after they are sewn and move them around until you have what you like. Thank you, Annie and Wendy.
Block organizer
Thus is a great idea. Thank you. Usually I put all cut pieces of my blocks in a plastic bag.
Fannel back table cloth
I use a fannel back table cloth for a design wall, I place it on the wall with tacks, flannel side out and put my blocks on it as I complete them so I can see my finished quilt before I sew blocks together.
Block layout tip
I'm going to do this. It should keep my cat from scattering my cut pieces!!
Block Layout
I like this idea and will use it. I'm on my way to the Dollar Store to get some tablecloths now.


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