Binding Roll

Make your binding strip as usual. Rather than pressing the long strip in half to form the double binding, fold it and wind it jellyroll style.(not tight but tight enough for a compact roll. Place a pin at the end to secure the roll and set aside until you are ready to bind the quilt. Before you start to sew the binding on the quilt, drop the roll (intact)into a zip-lock sandwich bag. Take the pin out and unwind about 6-8 inches (enough to reach the outside of the bag) and zip the bag up to the binding strip. Holding the end, let the bag drop to the floor beside your feet . As you sew the binding will unroll by itself inside the bag not all over your work table or getting tangled in the floor. This eliminates pressing as well as tangling , therefore saving time.

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One thought on “Binding Roll

  1. What a good idea! I'm going to try it on my next quilt. It sure beats unscrambling the binding roll all the time and having it all over the floor.