Binding Inside Quilt Corners Sew Easy Lesson

Use the quilting instructions below to bind a quilt that has inside corners. Bind scalloped edges following these instructions.


1. Trim quilt batting and backing even with quilt top. At inside corners, clip almost to a quarter inch from edge (Photo A).
2. With binding on bottom and quilt back side up, use a walking foot to stitch binding to quilt ¼” from edge. At inside corners, pull on clipped area to straighten the quilt (Photo B). Be sure stitching clears the clipped area.
3. Fold binding to back of quilt. At the inside corners, fold the binding to create a miter (Photo C). Hand stitch binding to quilt back, stitching mitered fold at inside corners.

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4 thoughts on “Binding Inside Quilt Corners Sew Easy Lesson

  1. I would like to make a suggestion for working with a double wedding ring quilt. I baste around the edge before trimming, turning the needle at the point of the scallop. When I trim the inside corners this gives me a point of reference for trimming into those corners. I trim just short of the basted point.