Binding Aid

After I cut and press my binding I lay it flat, fold it into 8″-12″ increments in a back and forth motion. Then I slip a large rubber band on each end. When I sew the binding on the quilt, I can release as much binding as I need.

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8 thoughts on “Binding Aid

  1. I roll my prepared binding around an empty toilet tissue cardboard. I have one of the freestanding toilet paper holders, and simply slip the roll on. It unrolls easily as I sew, no tangles, no binding under my chair.

  2. I have a wood rack that holds a wood round pin (like a rolling pin for rolling out pie dough). I wind the binding on the pin and set the rack on the floor. The binding unrolls a I sew.

  3. After I cut and press my binding, I roll it around a used thread spool. When I'm ready to use it, I thread yarn (or selvage) through the spool and hang it around my neck. The binding is right there as I sew.

  4. I took the cardrool center of bath tissue and I inserted a ribbon through the center to fit around my neck, I attach the folded binding to the cardboard and rolled it up on the spool, when I am ready to sew I put the whole thing around my neck and the binding rolls off as I need it to be attached to the quilt. This works at the machine or if you are attaching binding by hand.

  5. after I cut and press my binding, I wrap it around a cut out portion of a cereal box. It keeps the binding from creasing and stays neat and ready to sew. I just roll it off as I sew it on.

  6. I will use this at once. Because of the pile of binding on my ironing board, I accidently cut a large snip in my binding and had to piece it. Thanks.

  7. Wrap the binding around an empty segment of a paper towel roll and then thread the knee control arm. No knee control, borrow the free standing paper towel holder.