Avoid The Fuzz

When changing thread on your sewing machine, cut the thread at the spool, and pull the thread out toward the needle. This will avoid fuzzing up the tension disks and will actually “floss” the tension mechanism at the same time.

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6 thoughts on “Avoid The Fuzz

  1. If ones uses thread that fuzzes more, be sure to clean your machine more often. Even some "good" thread fuzzes a lot. I jot down the fuzzy ones and avoid them if possible.

  2. With the tension disks released by having the foot lifted, it just doesn't matter that you pull the thread out of the machine from the spool. There is no tension, so there is nothing to abrade the thread to make the fuzz.

  3. This tip is especially important if you are using a machine with a thread cutter. These frequently leave a fuzzy end that can cause problems if that fuzzy end is pulled back through the tension mechanism. Also a broken thread should be cut before the tension and pulled out towards the needle for the same reason.