Autumn Log Cabin

Autumn Log Cabin

This quilt is featured in our Fall 2009 issue of Easy Quilts.

Download the Autumn Log Cabin Quilt Top Assembly Diagrams

Adobe Acrobat Reader Required.

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Please add strip sizes without my having to work out the math. Thanks (like what square is 3 and 1/2 inches?) Sally
how to determine the size of blocks and strips
i took the whole measurement of one side of the quilt and divided it by the number of blocks this gave me the size of the block. from what i could tell the square in the block appeared to be double the width of the strips so i counted the strips and counted the square twice. this gave me a number to divide the block size by to give me the strip size. i also added one half inch to my finished measurement to account for a one quarter inch seam. i hope this help. i was wondering what the measure of the strips should be also and suprised that it wasnt included in this page. my measure ments came out to a finished block being 11x11 with the 1/2 inch seem allowance and the strips should be cut at 2 inches wide. the square is 3 and 1/2 inches.
Autumn Log cabin strip sizes
Are the strip sizes for the autumn log cabin in the winter issue 2010 easy quilts correct?
strip size
where are the sizes to cut your fabric
size blocks
i didnt see any size for the strips.what size do i cut.
Size Block Requirement
Hi ooroche, the size of the block remains the same. On the twin you will use 6 blocks across and 9 blocks down. Hope that helps you!


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