Attaching Buttons

Attaching Buttons

I recently completed a quilt with dozens of buttons—each block had about six. Rather than placing one button at a time, I placed them wrong side up inside a shoe box and sprayed them with temporary adhesive. I could position all the buttons for a block at one time and have them stay in place while I sewed them on by machine using my button foot.

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2 thoughts on “Attaching Buttons

  1. I stuck straight pins through the buttonholes/shanks and through the quilt mounted on a cardboard design board until I decided a permanent placement for the buttons in the design. I attached them by hand for perfect placement. I did the same for ribbons and keys I used on the quilt about remembering old school days when moms were home to greet children and modern school days with latch key children entering an empty house as mom is still at work.

  2. What an amazing idea! I always think "glue stick" on projects, but spraying buttons (I hate sewing on buttons – I always drop them at least twice) will make the CHORE much easier…I might even use them more often now.