Art of Quilting – May/June 2006

A R T   O F   quilting
On the Wild Side
Many quilters are experts at finding inspiration in the world around them. Animals, exotic or otherwise, are perfect subjects for the artisans featured here.
They use hand painted fabrics, photography, and a variety of quilting and appliqué techniques to create quilts as fascinating as a trip to the zoo.
Bush Larrikins
Bush Larrikins, 62½” x 78¾”.
Designer Beth Miller draws inspiration for her quilts from the Australian landscape. For Bush Larrikins, Beth drew upon two photographs she took at an Australian nature
reserve. The background is a wholecloth piece she painted to create the perfect depth and intensity. She machine quilted the backdrop before fusing and appliquéing the emus. Machine stitching
along the edge of each shape several times secured the pieces in place. Beth finished her quilt by adding stitches, such as the ones in the ruffling feathers, to enhance the feel of movement.
Designer Contact:
Beth Miller
50 Bateman St
Kambah ACT 2902
Oh My
Oh My, 46″ x 48″.
Unable to decide whether to incorporate lions, tigers, or bears when planning her creation, designer Nancy Brown solved her dilemma by using all three. “I wanted to
show details in the faces of the animals, so I used portrait-style motifs,” says Nancy. “Family kinship was another aspect I wanted to depict, so I included several younger animals in each panel.”
Oh My is machine pieced, hand appliquéd, and hand quilted.
Designer Contact:
Nancy Brown
Giraffes, 68″ x 50″, 1997.
A childhood visit to the Portland Zoo and meeting giraffes face-to-face inspired Nancy Brown to create her Giraffes quilt. Using a collection of photos taken during that trip
and another to the Oakland Zoo allowed her to design lifelike images of these fascinating creatures. The quilt is machine pieced, hand appliquéd, and hand quilted.
Designer Contact:
Nancy Brown
Not Just Black and White
Not Just Black and White, 63″ x 43″, 2004.
Cassandra Williams’ quilt illustrates her belief that everyone sees things differently and not just in black and white. She enhanced her design with raw edge appliqué and
free-motion quilting. The multi-color grasses are machine pieced. Not Just Black and White received the Judges Special Merit Award at the 2005 Road to California Show.
Designer Contact:
Cassandra Williams

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