Art of Quilting – March/April 2006

A R T   O F   quilting
Baltimore Album
Feast your eyes on five spectacular album-style
quilts inspired by the Baltimore Album beauties of the mid-1800s.
The incredible masterpieces known as Baltimore
Album quilts were chracterized by groups of different appliqu&eactue;d blocks stiched
together in a grid design. The style was popular in the Baltimore, Maryland, area between
1843 and 1855. Blocks were often filled with historical, political, religious, and family
symbolism. The only real similarity among the original Baltimore Album quilts was that each block
was different.
Odense Album, 70″ x 70″, 1989-1990.
Elly Sienkiewicz designed this quilt after being asked to teach appliqué at Quilt Expo Europa 1990 in Odense,
Denmark, the home of Hans Christian Andersen. Determined to use Hans Christian Andersen themes, Elly designed a number of special blocks,
including Hearts and Swans in the center. The quilt was made under Elly’s direction. Instructions for Odense Album are in The Best of Baltimore
Beauties Part II, published by C&T Publishing. For more information on this and other Elly Sienkiewicz quilts, visit
Southwest of Baltimore, 44″ x 44″.
Cris Fee of Lebanon, Ohio, began her quilt in response to a Baltimore Album challenge from her small sewing group.
Cris researched Native American cultures and arts as well as Elly Sienkiewicz’s books on Baltimore Albums and created a quilt that depicts a
different aspect of American history. Southwest of Baltimore is hand appliquéd, hand quilted, embroidered, and embellished with turquoise, beads,
and semi-precious stones.
Designer Contact:
Cris Fee
Baltimore Album Quilt IV.
Designer Yukiko Hirano of Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan, believes her work is defined by her use of color. Yukiko
won the prestigious Founders Award at the 2005 International Quilt Association Judged Show in Houston, Texas.
For more information on this show, contact: Quilts, Inc.
Folk Fantasy, 90″ x 90″, 1995.
Jeana Kimball designed the blocks and chose the color scheme for Folk Fantasy. Elisabeth Kershew and Eleanor Eckman
designed the border, and Wanda Strader did the quilting. This quilt was a fund-raiser for the Baltimore Appliqué Society (BAS) and was stitched by more
than 65 BAS members. The 8-inch block patterns for Folk Fantasy are in the book Nature’s Chorus, A Celebration in Appliqué by Jeana Kimball. More information
may be found at:
Designer Contact:
Jeana Kimball

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