Art of Quilting: Beach Getaways – July/August 2006

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Beach Getaways
What’s more relaxing than a day at the beach? They joys of sun, sand, and water make beaches among the top vacation spots in the world. The designers featured on these pages have created beaches you can enjoy any time. Dive in and create your own beach getaway, or sit back and enjoy the ones provided here.
A Day at the Beach
A Day at the Beach, 49″ x 50″, 1994.
“After completing a commissioned quilt, I wanted to make a piece I could just have fun with,” said creator Linda Cantrell. “I had a ball making A Day at the Beach. The quilt made me laugh every day I worked on it.” This beach is far from ordinary. Look closely and you’ll find elvis, Dolly, Sunbonnet Sue, and the Energizer Bunny cavorting in the water and sand.
Designer Contact:
Linda Cantrell
909 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803
Sunset Beach
Sunset Beach, 11″ x 13″, 2003.
Karen Eckmeier, creator of the Accidental Landscape™ series, customizes her beach designs by simply changing colors or collage details. “As I tell my students, sand does not have to be brown–make it whatever color you want,” she says. “Art should be fun, not regimented!” Free-form cutting and varied color placement and proportions make each student’s quilt unique.
Designer Contact:
Karen Eckmeier
Matty on the Beach
Matty on the Beach, 14″ x 17″, 2003.
Maxine Oliver started her beach quilt while a student in one of Karen Eckmeier’s Accidental Landscape™ classes. Maxine implemented Karen’s layered curve technique to illustrate sand, water, and sky. She then topstitched all the fabrics with metallic thread and printed a photograph of her grandson Matthew on a pretreated fabric sheet. She fused the photo onto her project and added the pail and shovel.
Designer Contact:
Maxine Oliver
Yorktown Heights, NY
Dunes, 58″ x 37″, 1994.
Designer Mickey Lawler spent many happy summers relaxing on the shores of Cape Cod. Dunes is a reflection of those special times. Mickey had used hand-painted cottons from her own SkyDyes collection to create this quilt.
Designer Contact:
Mickey Lawler
P.O. Box 370116
West Hartford, CT 06137
January...Somewhere Else
January…Somewhere Else, 66″ x 33″, 1997.
“This quilt represents a turning point in my work,” said designer Judith Reilly. “Raw edge appliqué, cyanotype prints, and rubber stamps were a few of the techniques I experimented with in this project.” The suns circling the sky represent a full day at the beach. Judith encourages quilters to open their minds and let imagination lead.
Designer Contact:
Judith Reilly
24 Conant Square
Brandon, VT 05733

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