Appliqu Storage

A great way to store small pieces cut for appliqué is on layers of flannel-backed vinyl. Cut a vinyl tablecloth in pieces the right size for a pizza box or other storage container. Place appliqués on the flannel side of the squares and stack them up.

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5 thoughts on “Appliqu Storage

  1. Your applique storage idea could work very well for pieced blocks as well, cutting the pieces out for each block and stack them up. You would be ready to sew a block in a few minutes time, then place the completed block in another pizza box until you have enough for your quilt. I use pizza boxes all the time.

  2. Hi Evonne. I have gone to my local pizzeria and asked for unused boxes. I offered to pay for them but they just gave me four. It helps that we have teenage boys…..lots of time spent there :).

  3. You can purchase pizza boxes at most restaurant supply stores (or the next time you get a pizza, ask for an empty box.) They are very inexpensive and make great storage for all kinds of things.

  4. great idea My kids paint the front side of box with the predominate color of the quilt blocks inside Then I can pick those blocks out from the stack easily
    Cheers Marietza