All Around the House

Bensenville, IL
Sat & Sun 10am – 4pm Admission: $3 Sponsored by: Bensenville Park District, Bensenville IL Doll quilts, wall quilts, crib quilts and bed quilts are All Around the House in the 1919 home at Fischer Farm in Bensenville. (There are stairs. No strollers, please.) More than 100 quilts, many antique. There will be door prizes and a Quilter’s Garage Sale where you can purchase used books, patterns, fabric, blocks, etc. The Quilter’s Garage Sale is in the heated barn. Fischer Farm is located east of Illinois Route 83 and west of York Road. The house faces Grand Avenue. When you see the Saturn dealer, turn north at that stoplight. The show is in the 1919 farmhouse. The Quilter’s Garage Sale is behind the house.

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