A helpful way to thread needles

Christianne Drago, Alex, VA
To simplify threading needles, cut the thread at an angle so it easily slips through the eye.
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Threading needles
Moisten the eye of the needle rather than the end of the thread. The moisture "pulls" the thread through easily.
Another helpful hint
I was taught many years ago that when you clip your thread, use the end of the thread closest to the spool to thread the needle. Something about the twist of the thread makes a difference.
threading the needle
I read somewhere that there is a "right" side and 'wrong' side to the needle eye - If you are having a hard time getting the thread through - turn the needle's eye around... I've been doing it this way since I read that - and it works like a charm
threading the needle
I found the dental aids we use to thread floss can be used to thread needles. Push the circular part through the needle then slip the thread in like you would the floss then pull it through the needle.
needle the thread
I find it difficult to thread a needle. I read somewhere to cut the thread fresh with a sharp scissor. Hold it between your thumb and index finger and glide the needle eye onto the thread. Don't ask me how, but it works every time.
another helpful way to thread needles
(for hand sewing) Hold the thread between your thumb and forefiger with the end of the thread covered by your fingers. Lay the needle, holding loosely at the end of your fingers, then roll your fingers back to open at the top. The thread should slip right into the needle. My daughter shared this with me and I think there is a video somewhere out there that shows how could not locate it.


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