A Handy Household Tip

Used sewing machine needles make great “nails” to hang picture frames on the wall. The needles are strong and make only a small hole.

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6 thoughts on “A Handy Household Tip

  1. This would have been a great hint before Christmas. I was trying to hang an ornament and ended up using a small nail…this trick would have been perfect. I'll know what to do next time. Cheers

  2. I had to take my sister-in-law to the ER cause she got one thru her hand while scrubbing the wall. It was pushed in or something cause she didnt see it.

  3. Been doing this for years! Just couldn't pitch a dull needle and when I read this in the 90s, old needles became nails! Sometimes I think I need to quilt more so I can keep up the nail supply.

  4. This hint has been posted many times on many sites but is very dangerous. Used needles have weak spots that can cause them to "fracture". If this happens pieces can fly and cause injuries.

  5. I like to use an empty paper towel or toilet tissue roll to cover my rolls of stabilizer. I write on the roll the name of my stabilizer and then I cut it lengthwise on the opposite side to create a clamp. I open it and clamp it on to the roll of stabilizer to keep it from unfurling and I can also see what type of stabilizer it is at the same time. This comes in handy for gift wrap, too!