Tool Bag

Project by Linda McGehee
Tool Bag

Use double faced quilted fabric to make this reversible tool bag to take to your next quilting workshop or retreat.

The pattern for the reversible tool bag can be found in the Nov/Dec 2011 issue of Love of Quilting which can be ordered online.

The supply lists for the Love of Quilting TV show can be found here

Size: 13" × 14" × 5½"


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Confusing Instructions
I watched the show on the Quilter's Tool Bag, loved it and purchased the pattern. Since the instructions are so confusing you should at least show the complete video of the show on your website free of charge so that is is possible to get around the difficulty of the instructions. I've been sewing for many, many years and I don't have problems with most patterns. The instructions on this one leaves a lot to be desired and it does not matter how often the author goes over them to determine if they are correct. If the instructions are not clear what is the point of investing in another pattern by this designer?
So confused
I purchased the pattern for this bag as soon as the show aired. I was so excited! However, I'm really struggling with the instructions. For example, under Bag Assembly, it says to "fold cut section with right sides together" - but since this is double faced quilted fabric...both sides are "right sides". I don't know whether to do the "outsides" or the "insides".
oops correction bottom of bag stablizer
oops I meant cut the stabilizer piece 5 1/4 inch instead of 5 1/2 inch.
oops correction bottom of bag stablizer
oops I meant cut the stabilizer piece 5 1/4 inch instead of 5 1/2 inch.
tool bag instructions-my adjustments
I followed the F&P version of directions-had problems. Had to add 1 inch panel to left side in order to make zipper fit. on Base, cut is make towards pocket upward (snip 1/4"), on piece A add 1 1/2 inch when u cut out, you can always take in left side before zipper is applied. fuse fabric for pocket first, then cut out to size (can shrink), Add 1 1/2" to piece B when cut out as well. Cut the stabilizer for inside bottom of bag 5/14" x 12 1/2". Can bind top of pockets instead of using leftover zipper parts. wrap end of strap under pocket instead of pressing under and then turning. I used a double separating zipper (couldn't find colors in single sep. pull tab zippers). Use a denim or jeans needle if you use prequilted fabric and use a larger stitch length. wash away basting tape is helpful for zipper, binding etc.
Bag Instructions
On the TV show they say the information on how to get the pattern would be on the website. The pattern can be found in the Nov/Dec 2011 issue of Love of Quilting. The link located at the top of the page will take you to the place on the website where you can order the magazine. Thank you :) Mandy C.
tool bag
why don't you re-issue the instructions again as the show said they would be on the website.
TV Supply Lists
Hello, our TV supply lists can be found on this web page. Just choose the TV series on the left-hand side of the page.
Bag from H---
A group of my friend start this project when we got our issues' We had a hard time with the instructions. So we put it away til the t.v show came out. We tape it and watch it alot! It would of been nice if it was sew on the show. We have ripe this appart alot. We have got to the Place the large zipper pocket. It does not show if you are to turn under the raw edges of the bag base fabric. Because it right now we will have raw edge show when we put on the zipper. My group makes alot of bags and this one need alot of help with the instructions . I have read that the designer has reviewed the instructions, and has approved them. It is easy for her she has made the bag it make since to her. I would like to see some on make on the show.
I am new to the site. I love the show, and would love to make the qu ilters tool bag. How do you order patterns? Wher do I go on this site to find them?
The pattern in available in the November/December 2011 Love of quilting. If you don't have this issue, check your local library. I found a copy there. As for the instructions, I have made bags/purses/totes for years. The instructions for this bag are really difficult to decipher. The magazine's quilt directions are usually excellent. This pattern needs clarification.
pattern for tool bag
Is this pattern available on the website or do you have to purchase the magazine to get it?
supply list
I watched an episode today that stated that a PDF was on the web site with the supplys, do you have to pay for that as well?
tool bag
Looking forward to project. Having knowledge of bag making will help I'm sure. Watching show helps also.
tool bag instructions
I have been attempting to make this tool bag. The published instructions are difficult to follow. One of the main problems is the step by step instructions show the referenced area on the finished bag. In progress pictures/diagrams which more clearly indicate the interior and exterior of the bag would be helpful.
Tool Bag Instructions
We're sorry some of you were confused by the instructions for the tool bag. We admit the project is somewhat challenging, but many have made it with success. The trick is to not try to go ahead too far, just take it one step at a time. The designer has reviewed the instructions, and has approved them. Also, to clarify, the instructions are in the Nov/Dec issue of Love of Quilting. Marianne mentioned that you could get instructions on our Web site—they are the same instructions as in the magazine. She did not say they were free, but that they are available. We apologize for any confusion.


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