Designer Christine Stainbrook took advantage of a large floral print by making it the center of attraction in the Octagon Star block. Partial seams ingeniously whip the star points around the center.

Size: 109″ × 109″
Blocks: 13 (15″) Octagon Star blocks,12 (15″) Compass Star blocks

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6 thoughts on “Starbound

  1. Ladies, the link works fine. Click on the link and when the pattern appears, do a 'save as' to save the pattern. Be certain to choose a destination. I always save to my desktop, look at it a bit and then file in my quilting folder. I intend to turn the pattern into a paper piecing pattern for ease of construction.

  2. I am in the process of making this quilt however I am having lots of problems with the compass star can you help me I think maybe the instruction may be off if there is any update please let me know as soon as posibile if anyone cn help please do or call me at 603 566 7170