Quilt designed by Yvette M. Jones. Made by Marian B. Gallian. Machine quilted by Kathy Carbine

Create this fabulous faux braid with simple blocks. This quilt truly is easier to make than it looks.

Finished Size: 68" × 88½"
Finished Blocks: 11 (11¼") blocks

Rating: Challenging

Bonus: Download free patterns and instructions for this quilt.

To learn more about Yvette M. Jones, visit our Designers page.

Star Crossed Quilt Digital Pattern

Star Crossed Quilt Kit


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challenging only in directions
I find it hard to believe Marian Gallian made the quilt as the instructions were published. The V-W-X half triangle needs to be altered, as this will not line up with the N-O-P and Q-R-S sections as published. Also, the Side Diagrams on page 38 is incorrect. The right hand side should have the F-G and H-I section on the left of the piece. Notice on the Ohio Star directions, (page 44) the Sew Easy; Quick Hourglass Units are NOT found on page 58 as stated. They are on page 74. Was considering a subscription - not until I see better copy editing.
Star Crossed Quilt Problem
Everything looked great until I tried to attach the left and right sides to the center braided section, it just doesn't match up. The center section is longer. I will deal with it tomorrow.


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