Create this fabulous faux braid with simple blocks. This quilt truly is easier to make than it looks.

Finished Size: 68″ × 88½”
Finished Blocks: 11 (11¼”) blocks
Rating: Challenging

Bonus: Download free patterns and instructions for this quilt.

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Star Crossed Quilt Digital Pattern


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4 thoughts on “Star-Crossed

  1. Everything looked great until I tried to attach the left and right sides to the center braided section, it just doesn't match up. The center section is longer. I will deal with it tomorrow.

  2. I find it hard to believe Marian Gallian made the quilt as the instructions were published. The V-W-X half triangle needs to be altered, as this will not line up with the N-O-P and Q-R-S sections as published. Also, the Side Diagrams on page 38 is incorrect. The right hand side should have the F-G and H-I section on the left of the piece. Notice on the Ohio Star directions, (page 44) the Sew Easy; Quick Hourglass Units are NOT found on page 58 as stated. They are on page 74. Was considering a subscription – not until I see better copy editing.