Sparkle Punch

Sparkle Punch

This quilt is fun to make-you’ll put your design wall to good use. The wonkiness of the star points and variety of prints really make the stars sparkle. Designer Elizabeth Hartman says, “It’s my interpretation of the interlocking-star trend.” This project is Fat Quarter Friendly.

Size: 60″ × 72″

Rating: Intermediate

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4 thoughts on “Sparkle Punch

  1. I find the instructions for the sparkle punch quilt to be confusing there's 80 sets one kind of half sq.triangles another called 3/4" another for half star another for 1/4 star etc. I've read and reread are there 4 sets of stars?????

  2. i am not able to under stand this pattern either. got my fabrics out to get started and it is totally confusing. i hope that you can enlighten all of us on these instructions. may be if it was a short video that would help alot. thanks

  3. The pieces are cut, divided into sets for Whole Stars (80 sets of 5 squares : 1 is set aside for the star center; 4 are cut in half diagonally to make 8 half-square triangles for Star Point Units), Three-Quarter Stars (14), and Half Stars (2); and made into Star Points. Then they are laid out and joined into sections as shown in Quilt Top Assembly Diagram.
    ALL of the half-square triangles are cut in the same way.

  4. Directions were clear. Only had trouble getting the wonkiness of the stars to vary. Also could have been something about vee of the star points not being covered up by the quarter inch seam. Practice star made that clear.