Quilt Marking

Quilt Marking

Instead of using a marking pencil with a quilt stencil, I use a foam paintbrush. I dip it into loose chalk, and dab it over the stencil. It's really quick!

Judy Cooper
Cripple Creek, CO

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I am going to try that next time I mark
I have been using the chalk pounce tool but have not had much success...it either puts too much or too little...can't even see the line properly. With it though came a bag of extra powdered chalk, so I plan to use your idea next time I'll do a quilt. I also want to try the baby powder as well. Thanks for sharing.
removing marks
I have used the chalk marking pen to mark the border of the quilt. I can't get the marks off now HELP!
loose chalk
I've also found that I can use baby powder instead of chalk.
loose chalk at Amazon
I got the "refill" two pack of 4 oz bags and will probably have enough for life!
loose chalk at Amazon
Quilt Marking with Chalk?
I use baby powder...It brushes away easily.
Where do you purchase loose chalk?
Love, love your tip but I don't remember seeing loose chalk !!! Where did you find it????
quilt marking with chalk
Thanks for the tip, but where do you get loose chalk? Or do you smash sticks of chalk?


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