Paper Foundation Piecing Quilting Video

Foundation paper piecing is a great skill to use when piecing small, fine, or detailed quilt blocks. For some quilters, paper piecing becomes a favorite technique that they seek quilting patterns for. This video is a great introduction to the skill in case you think it might appeal to you or come across a quilt featuring the technique and need a little help. This Sew Easy technique is a great way to create unusual shapes and designs within your quilt. Use this method to ensure accuracy when piecing intricate or challenging quilt blocks.

About Paper Foundation Piecing

Learn How To Do This Quilting Technique

In this quilting tutorial, Fons & Porter Sewing Specialist, Colleen Tauke, shows you how to use foundation paper piecing for unique and challenging shapes. If you’re looking for another quilting video tutorial on a particular technique, check out our Sew Easy lessons to find it there.

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