Quick-Pieced Flying Geese Units

Try this method for making four perfect Flying Geese units at the same time.

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Found "Video Coming Soon"
FYI- To find the "Video Coming Soon" go to YouTube and type in Sew Easy:Quick-Pieced Flying Geese. Much easier than following "Wild Goose Chase" as directed in July/August 2015 magazine.
4FlyingGeese Video
Once again, we are directed to a video that does not exist as Pat Ohlsen reported in 2013!! Very disappointing F&P :(
Flying Geese Instructions
If the measures were missing from the original instuctions, why haven't they been adding to later versions: most instructions are repeated numerous times in later issues.
Flying Geese dimentions
Connecting Threads to the rescue. It's the 7/8" and 1 1/4" thing again. http://www.connectingthreads.com/tutorials/Flying_Geese_-_Make_'em_fast_-_two_methods__D15.html. You may have to copy & paste.
Flying Geese dimentions
Thank goodness. I thought it was just me. I did find in a pattern in a BH&G American Patchwork that a 3 1/4" dark square and a 1 7/8" light makes four 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" pieces. Any math majors out there want to help us with ratios. My algebra is a little dusty after 50 years.
Flying Geese Quick-Pieced Flying Geese Units
Great Idea! Instructions are useless without measurements or at least ratios on sizes.
the size would help,
I looked it up, the larger square (white) should be 1 1/4 inch larger than your finishted size, the smaller one (color) 7/8 in larger....yes I agree I was so disapointed the sizes weren't listed, it appears someone overlooked that very important instruction, these instructions are useless unless this is listed...hope this helps!
so glad to read comments!
As a new quilter I thought it was just me when I could not figure out sizes for the pieces or find the video. It sure looks like a neat way to make them once i know how to cut the material tho!
quick pieced flying geese units
there are no sizes on these and I wish to demo these at my quilt guild HELP
Video Where???
The top of the article says there is a video available. WHERE IS IT? If you are going to advertise something is available, make sure it is BEFORE you advertise its availability. I looked through the videos list. Resent having my time wasted with wild-goose-chases.
Flying Geese Sizes
What is the ratio of the smaller squares to the big one.?
I scanned the "sew easy" tag to go to the video, but can't find it. What am I doing wrong?
Quick-Pieced Flying Geese Units
The sizes of the squares & finished size(s) would be nice, along w/the pattern(s) used for the 4 Units.
Quick pieced flying geese
What are the sizes of the blocks used for this and what is the finished size of the geese. Thnks


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