Northwoods Man

Northwoods Man

When designer Terry Albers was asked to design a “manly” quilt her thoughts turned to a woodsy color scheme. The result surely is worthy of a leather recliner. (but please, hold the stuffed bear.)

Finished Size: 70″ × 86″
Finished Blocks: 18 (10″) blocks

Rating: Challenging

Bonus: Download free instructions for this quilt. (Note: this is a corrected version of the instructions for this quilt.)

For more information about Terry Albers, go to our Designers page.

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8 thoughts on “Northwoods Man

  1. I looked at the design and thought, I'm not making this! I thought immediately it looks like swastikas'. I closed the picture of the quilt design and then read other comments. Totally agree….I am sorry that it looks this way because I am sure that this was not intended.

  2. Even knowing the swastika is an ancient and cross cultural symbol, in living memory it represents unbelievable inhumanity.

    I WISH QUILT EDITORS WOULD BE MORE DISCERNING when choosing quilt designs for publication. It would be pretty easy to either re-position the pieces or change the colors so the swastika design disappears.

  3. I noticed the pattern in the LOQ and the Bonus Patterns. I forgot the "swastika Pattern" issue until I read the comments. I looked up the 11/12-2013 mag. The swastika does stand out strongly and that is why I decided NOT to make the quilt also. Is there a way to slightly alter the pattern to not show that and still make the quilt? I'd be interested. Thank you very much. /cem

  4. Although the fabrics used in the sample seem to form a swastika, I think of you were to change 2 opposing "legs" of the center, you will get an entirely different look. It actually would look more like a pinwheel, without using half square triangles.

  5. I have known Terry for many years. She taught me how to quilt. She is a loving person with a bubbly personality. There is no way this design had any intention of representing a negative symbol. The rextangles do NOT pop out for me, However, I do agree with quiltnfool100. Move the rectangles to the other side of the squares and you will have THE BEAUTIFUL AND CLEVER DESIGN Terry would want you to see.

  6. The designs that you are refering to are for one backwards and not at all like the "swastika". This is a beautiful design and I will be proud to make it soon.