Northwoods Man

Quilt designed and made by Terry Albers. Machine quilted by Diana Napier
Northwoods Man

When designer Terry Albers was asked to design a "manly" quilt her thoughts turned to a woodsy color scheme. The result surely is worthy of a leather recliner. (but please, hold the stuffed bear.)

Finished Size: 70" × 86"
Finished Blocks: 18 (10") blocks

Rating: Challenging

Bonus: Download free instructions for this quilt. (Note: this is a corrected version of the instructions for this quilt.)

For more information about Terry Albers, go to our Designers page.

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Northwoods Pattern - Nov/Dec 2013 Issue +Bonus Pattern
I noticed the pattern in the LOQ and the Bonus Patterns. I forgot the "swastika Pattern" issue until I read the comments. I looked up the 11/12-2013 mag. The swastika does stand out strongly and that is why I decided NOT to make the quilt also. Is there a way to slightly alter the pattern to not show that and still make the quilt? I'd be interested. Thank you very much. /cem
Whoops - time for a re-cut!
Even knowing the swastika is an ancient and cross cultural symbol, in living memory it represents unbelievable inhumanity. I WISH QUILT EDITORS WOULD BE MORE DISCERNING when choosing quilt designs for publication. It would be pretty easy to either re-position the pieces or change the colors so the swastika design disappears.
Agree with unfortunate design.
I looked at the design and thought, I'm not making this! I thought immediately it looks like swastikas'. I closed the picture of the quilt design and then read other comments. Totally agree....I am sorry that it looks this way because I am sure that this was not intended.
Agree, unfortunate design.
Liked the colors and thought it would be nice for m brother. Downloaded, read the comment, deleted.
Unfortunate design
Take a look at the photo of the whole quilt. I could not make this for my 88!year old father who served in WWII.. Am I the only one who sees this?


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