Medical Info Card

Medical Info Card

While at a quilt retreat, a new quilter to our group went into a diabetic coma. We didn’t know her medical history, and the friend she came with wasn’t there at the time. We wasted a lot of time trying to find the friend to get information. Now everyone who comes to our retreats fills out an index card listing an emergency contact person, medical issues, medicine they are taking, and any allergies. Each attendee puts her card under her sewing machine. No privacy is violated because no one looks at the cards unless there’s an emergency.
Mary Sue Davis
Dayton, OH

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4 thoughts on “Medical Info Card

  1. I think this is an important tip. I, too am Diabetic and do tell people around me that I am but not everyone may be aware. Go one better and have everyone carry such a card in a name tag holder around their neck so that it is with the person affected. Thanks for the wakeup call. I will pass this idea on to my group.

  2. What a super idea. As the members in my guild are predominately elderly, many with medical conditions . In general many attending meeting and get togethers don't have any information as to who to contact etc if an emerancy should arise. Thanks Mary Sue for this suggestion. Jacqui New Zealand.

  3. My husband has a card in his wallet that when he is given a prescription he peals off one of the stickers of infor about dosage and all from the pharmacy info and sticks it to the card! It was a blessing the day he had to go to the hospital and all i had to do was pull it out of his wallet and there was all his info!!