Tree Farm — Free Quilt Pattern

Tree Farm -- Free Quilt Pattern

If you want to make a quilt for the man in your life, this free quilt pattern may be just perfect. The Courthouse Steps quilt blocks have optional three-dimensional folded fabric points.

Size: 82½” × 96¾”
Blocks: 12 (10″) Bear Paw blocks,20 (10″) Courthouse Steps blocks

Rating: Challenging

Free Quilt Pattern

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3 thoughts on “Tree Farm — Free Quilt Pattern

  1. I watch your show when I can get a moment and love all the wonderful tips from the viewers! Some have been really helpful. Thanks. I am a beginner quilter really but am enjoying the quilting a lot. rosepea

  2. I have been machine quilting since January and as soon as I get one finished, I'm looking for a pattern and material to start another one. Thank you, Fons and Porter, for keeping that desire alive in me.