Log Cabin Hexagons Quilting Video

For those with a love of log cabin quilts, this easy quilting tutorial shows you how to start with a hexagon as your "chimney" and then build interesting shapes into your quilt. You will love how unique these log cabin quilts end up looking thanks to this method.


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Quilt in Background
Hello, this quilt was not featured in Love of Quilting. It is one of Jodie Davis' quilts.
Whimsical Quilt in Background
I was intrigued by the simplicity and cuteness of the quilt in the background of this video. It features a pieced sky, trees and woodpeckers. Was it designed by one of the staff at Fons & Porter? Is it featured in any of the Love of Quilting magazines?
Grandmother's Garden
For putting together hexagons for a Grandmother's Garden quilt watch our video called "English Paper Piecing Video Lesson". Happy Quilting - Cindy H
Pattern for Feedsack Flowers
On the PBS shows we tell people to go to our website to find out where to get the pattern for that particular episode. We have a TV section and for each series we have a supply list that tells where each pattern has been published and what supplies we have used. Quilt instructions for Feedsack Flowers are featured in Fons & Porter’s Easy Quilts presents Scrap Quilts Fall 2011. Happy Quilting - Cindy H
Log Cabin Hexigons
Go to http://www.capecodconnection.com/quilters/hexagon.jpg for a picture of these joined together
log cabin
Just what I was looking for need measurments
Grandmother's Garden
This video on log cabin hexagons was not what I was looking for - wanted instructions on how to sew hexagons together for a Grandmother's Garden quilt.
complete quilt
There were 2 completed quilts using this pattern on the show which we got in Alaska May 12, 2012.
Feedsack Flowers
I saw this on the the TV program last week and was fascinated by the log cabin technique. Finding the pattern has been a challenge but I found it in the download area for $5.00. i figure I would spend that trying to track down the back issue of the magazine. You can find in downloads by sorting by name, Feedsack Flowers (not log cabin hexagon)
Hexagon video
This was a great video. How would make the center piece(hexagon) bigger in each row of the quilt? Pat Miodonski (rmiodonski@aol.com
feedsack flowers
Fons & Porter’s Easy Quilts presents Scrap Quilts Fall 2011. (Click on Our TV Shows, then 1900 series, then click on 1900 series supply list)
feedsack flowers
The program was "Feedsack flowers" program number 1904 aired Feb. 25 at 3pm on Iowa public tv. I think the pattern may be in a fall 2011 magazine but I am not sure which one.
Which issue?
I think it was mentioned on the show that this quilt is in one of your magazine issues. Which one?
Hexagon Fun
It would be nice to know what size the triangles were so that one could put the whole quilt together. The show had some very nice quilts.
Hexagon fun
How do you join this together? We need to know how to cut the diamonds that you showed on the tv program.


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