Win a Replica of the Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting TV Set!


Win over $15,000 worth of prizes and recreate the Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting TV set in your own home.

Entry is free and must be received before 1/1/2013. One entry per person. Winner will be drawn randomly from all entriesvreceived. Prizes may differ slightly from product shown.

Enter today!

To enter online, click here.

To enter by mail, send your name, address, and e-mail address to:

LOQ TV 2012 Contest
PO Box 171
Winterset, IA 50273


George Quilting Machine (MSRP: $6,400.00) 

Baby Lock Sewing Machine (MSRP: $3,499.00)


Koala Cabinet of Choice (up to MSRP $2,699.00) plus Top Drawer Delivery Service (Value: $300.00)

Thread Collection (MSRP: $1,163.00)


V100 Iron and C60 Longboard Table (MSRP: $398.00)

42 Color Dream Assortment of the new colors of 30 weight Blendables just introduced in 2012 (MSRP: $307.53)


2 Bali Pop Fabric in Cherry and Watermelon (MSRP: $160.00)


Ruler Set: 6 x 12; 12-1/2 square; 4 x 14; 6 x 24; 9-1/2 square (MSRP: $92.95)

28-pc Fat Quarter Pack of Calypso by Ro Gregg (MSRP: $80.00)


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contest entry blank
When I try I get the survey monkey, not the entry blank.
Your contest
I would love to win any of the great prizes you have in this contest.
Can't enter
When I try I also get the survey monkdy, not the entry blank.
contest problem
When I try to enter online I only get Survey Monkey, not the entgry blank.
Sounds wonderful and a way to keep a quilter busy.
That's what it would be if I won. Great prizes...
I Would LOVE to win this!!!!
This is an AWESOME prize. I never seem to win contests, so I am due! Can't wait to see if it is my turn to WIN BIG!!!
A Dream to come true
I have never won anything in my whole long life. It would be nice to win something here since it's everything I would purchase if I had the money.
I absolutely love quilting! I have learned so much from the magazine, the shows and from QCA! This would be such a dream prize and everything you need!!! Thank You!
Awesome prizes!
I'd need a new house to go with all of this.
Dream come true
This will be my dream come true. Wonderful contest
Contest entry
What a great prize package.
Newby to your site
Absolutely love this site and am very excited that on top of wonderful info. you also have contests!
A great prize package. The only thing you could add that I could also use would be some "Time!"
Great Prizes
I would love to win any of these prizes.
Room of a Dream
Organization and great tools would be a blessing to have and give me the ability to do even more in my sewing room. I like to use to sewing to help others and it is easier to give than it is to receive.
I'm Dreaming of
Having these wonderful items in my own quilting room would be a dream come true.
quilting machine
The George Quilting Machine looks like such fun,would love to win one. Have never sewn on one but my bucket list is to do so someday. Thanks for a chance to win.
I am just beginning to use your website and I love it. Mary's Quilty show is great. More episodes please. I am wanting a long arm quilting machine, but any of the other prizes would be great.
I can't imagine...
...what it would be like to win this wonderful contest. I've always wanted a quilting machine and to have the whole loot come with this...all I can say is WOW!!! That sure will be one lucky quilter who wins this!!! Thank you for hosting this contest!
It would be heaven... win this beautiful set-up! Currently, I have several folding tables that I move around as I am working on various stages of my projects, and no storage space for my (ever-growing!) stash.
sewing room possibilities
what fun to it would be to have a REAL sewing room!! i took over the smallest bedroom when son #1 went to college. i sew on a desk that is too high. no room for a cutting table....have to take the machine off the desk. i have shelves built in for projects. i have started a few times to expand into daughter #only's room. hope to have a cutting table and design wall and storage for my fabric bins. with the koala cabinet i could have a REAL sewing table with my machine at desk level. that would be heaven!!!!!!
Thanks for Contest
I would love to have a "real" sewing room with the sewing table, long-arm quilting machine and a great sewing machine, etc. My current sewing room is made up of shelves from the garage, plywood on top of file cabinets so winning this would be heaven! I would be in my sewing room 24/7!
Contest Entry
Oh, what fun! All my quilting is done for charity groups (chemo patients and abused children). Especially the sewing machine and longarm. Thanks for the opportunity.
Contest Entry
With the right tools, you can do anything. These are all wonderful tools and one could create to there hearts content. With five daughters and four granddaughters and and another on the way I could bless them all with wonderful quilts and clothes. I could also teach each of them how to use all the tools, quilt and sew, then they could continue to carry on the arts for future generations. Thanks to all the sponsors for creating and great contest.
Contest Entry
If I win, I won't be able to find a reason not to stay and sew! What a dilemma! Would love to find out how to deal with that one! :)
Contest Entry
to win this would truly be a dream come true. I know others have said it. But what quilter doesn't dream of "The Perfect Setup"? Thanks to Fons and Porter magazine's I have dreamed of some really beautiful quilt, some I've made others I still have to get too.
Contest Entry
Hi Mimilyn7, the survey is the contest entry. Please fill out the survey and you will be entered. Thank you :)
the survey link
the entry link does not seem to be connected - it is just taking me to the survey monkey main page
What fun to win one of these fab prizes.
Contest Entries
The way to enter the contest is to take the survey. Please take the survey and you will be entered. Thanks for your questions :)
A quilter's dream
That's all that needs to be said! I love all things Fons and Porter and wish I lived closer to the store in Winterset, Iowa so I could visit more frequently.
It would be a dream come true !!!!!!!!!!!
Somebody is going to be very lucky.
I can't believe the list of prizes! Somebody is going to be very happy. I wish it could be me.
Entering Contest
I get forwarded to a 'monkey survey' page when trying to enter your contest. Says 'click here', but won't let me enter your contest! HELP, I see I'm not the only one this is happening to.
can't enter the contest
i keep getting a survey page when i try to enter the contest
TV Contest
The prizes are awesome. They are a dream. All items are my choice of brands.
Fabulous prizes!
I can dream of being the winner, but if not these prizes will make someone extremely happy.
Thank you, F&P!
No matter who wins, they will be blessed with each and every one of the prizes!
Just what I aleays wanted
The long arm machine alone would be an absolutely mind-boggling dream-come-true prize to me!
How generous the sponsors are to offer this studio! Someone is going to be really lucky to win this set up. Winning is the only way I'll get a long arm in my lifetime. Thanks for the opportunity.
What a fabulous list of prizes. It is hard to believe that one lucky person could win it all!!!
Prize List
What a great list of prizes. Each and everyone is great.
This is the most awesome giveaway I have ever seen.As a senior on a tight buget this is a dream of a lifetime.I want to win so much.
TV set contest
What a generous & wonderful prize!! Thanks for the chance to win!
room wow
I have my quilting material etc all over my house. What I could do if I have one place for all of it.
Thanks for this opportunity!
Nice prizes!!!
A dream com true
This would only be a dream come true if I would win this. It would be a little slice of heaven...................................... Crossing my fingers!!!!!!!!!!!!
too cool
I can't begin to tell you how cool a long arm would be... oh the things I could do.....shoot, I'd be thrilled just to win something. A fabric Pack would be better than christmas.
A Blessing!
What a blessing it would be to win! Then my guild could really crank out quilts for charity!!
Update Room
What an improvement this would be to my current sewing room. I use a folding table to sew and cut fabric on now. What fun I could have with the quilting machine. I like to quilt my own, but using my regular sewing machine tends to be a challenge for larger quilts. I enjoy my babylock machine and would like to update someday. What a great opportunity this would be, Thank you so much.
tools of trade
It is often surprising to see how any sewing tool can make our sewing easier and better then we can spend more time on the creative process. I need all the help I can get!
The only room to be in
Wow what a wonderful prize to win. I would never want to leave my sewing room and why would I have to. I am thinking of retiring in a few years and this would allow me to have everything I would need in my sewing room and I would just love it.
Working in hospice for over 11 years and that was a heavy job at times. Since recently being laid off from a hospice agency, this would now be my time to work in a JOYFUL space and create bliss!
How could it be better? I would love to have a long arm to be able to do bigger works of art. I can hope and wish!
A dream come true
What a dream it would be to have such quality products to quilt with. They would definitely ramp up the quality of my work. Perfect timing since I recently retired and can sew to my heart's content.
I would love to win any of these products. Any of them would be a wonderful addition to my sewing room. Thank you for the opportunity.
Awesome Opportunity for a Studio
Any of these prizes would be wonderful to win. Thanks for that chance.
Wonderful Contest!
These prizes are great and any one of them would be a welcome addition to my sewing area.
Super Contest
I would love to win any prize in this great contest!
I finally have a sewing room, but it's empty! I'd love to fill it up with even one or two of these beauties! I can hardly imagine all of them!
What a shock
To have a sewing room filled dwith all these marvelous items would definitely be a dream come true.
Just one
I would love to just win one of these, what a way to go. I would have to share. I would take the machines and share the rest, with the understanding I could use Oh well, you can dream, can't you???
What a great contest!
This is every quilter's dream. I would love to win all these wonderful prizes.
this is a neat contest
mom and I have watched your shows F&P. We keep saying we want to start a quilting project; but have not the tools to do so.
wow is right!
I'm a new quilter/obsessor and would love to win these prizes! What a great contest! Good luck everyone:)
I so love this
so hard quilting on my sewing machine
Fantastic giveaway! The prizes make me drool!! Thanks for the opportunity to win.
Dying for This!!!
Oh how I would LOVE to quilt with these items in my quilting room!!! Wanting a Koala for years! Thanks for the opportunity to win!! Love the show; keep up the great work gals!
Wonderful Prizes
I'd just love to win this prize. Imagine having the best sewing room possible. Wow, I'd be quilting all day long!
Pick Me! :)
How awesome would this be! I am in the process of creating a sewing room and this would be just the thing to make it the ULTIMATE sewing room!
I am a beginner quilter and it would be awesome to win anything out of the contest. It would start me on the road to creating beautiful things. It would be a dream come true for me . I have always loved quilts or anything quilted and at 51 I am just starting.
Fabulous Prizes!
What a thrill for a beginner or experienced quilter to win any prize from Fons and Porter, especially those shown. A dream come true for a absolutely wonderful quilting room arrangement.
Who wouldn't want to have a room like the Fons & Porter set - tops in the field!
Sewing Room
I would love to win this to update and fill up my sewing room!
dream room
It would be time to expand my sewing room if I won these great gifts!
Dream Prize Package
These prizes are what I dream about - a long arm machine would make those quilts fly out; planning to start a sewing team to make Quilts of Valor-this prize pkg would be AWESOME!
Prizes to make you happy
Any of these prizes would make anyone happy and jump for joy.
A Prize to Build a Dream On
What wonderful dreams I'll have waiting for my fairy godmother to drop this room in my home. I don't know what I'll do with what is currently in the room I have but it will be no problem to move it and make room.
Terrific Giveaway!!
I can hardly contain myself. A chance to win a room like that. I am going to start packing/re-organizing in preparation today. I daydream about their room and everything in it daily. I use this to keep myself motivated and inspired with my quilting. Love you for creating this wonderful giveaway! Awesome gifts!!
Awesome Give-away!!!
I am drooling!! LOL What a dream come true, to win such a Sewing Room!! Thanks for the chance! :) Looooove Fons & Porter! I call them "My Ladies" when they are on PBS, or I get Love of Quilting in the Husband just smiles.....wouldn't it be AWESOME to have a room just like Their's!!! Oh my Goodness!! WOOOHOOOOOOO! :)
Love of Quilting TV Set
oh my i would love to win this Replica TV or any other prize, i just love Fons & Porter there patterns are great and easy to learn
Contest - greatest give away
I would love to win any one of these prizes. They are certainly generous!!
My dream studio
I never would be able to have a studio of this caliber! What a wonderful prize!
The greatest giveaway ever
These prizes are unbelievably wonderful. I would love, love, love to win.
Can Hardly Wait!
My dream has been to have a Koala Cabinet. The prizes are all great and any of them would be a nice addition to my love of quilting.
Fantastic Prizes
I would thrilled to win any of the items shown. Right now I work of off some folding tables set up in a L shape and it works. Would love to learn how to long arm quilt and have a machine like that set up in my sewing room.
Sewing Room/Dog Sanctuary
I sit in my basement and fanticize about how I could improve my creative space with room for my two bichons. So far all I have is disorganization. I would be thrilled to win any of the prizes to help me improve MY sanctuary for the dogs I love, and of course my quilty friends.
I really would like to win APQA George!!!!
I would really like to win the APQs George quilting machine. I love making quilts and this would make it possible for me to finish my own and friends quilts. All your prizes are great, so winning any of them would be awesome. I love your magazine with your wonderful quilt patterns and quilting techniques. Nan_17
What great prizes!! Also new to quilting and designing my quilt room now so this would be great to add to the room!
How Awesome!
How awesome it would be to find my name on the list of winners for ANY of the prizes. Every time i go to my favorite sewing center or the sewing expo, I admire and make a wish for the Koala sewing center.
excited to win
New to quilting and would love to have the prizes to start out right.
Would love to win!
I need an update to my sewing machines as they are decades old I have watched f&p for years and am thrilled see Mary join the show.
hoping & praying!
Words can't express how thrilled I would be to own these products!
Seeing a prize in my future
Any of these prizes would be a welcome addition to my quilting.
Prizes from contest
I would love to win something from this contest. The sewing cabinet would be fantastic in my sewing room. Fingers crossed. Judy B
Would love to win any of the prizes, but that Baby Loc would look good on my cabinet. Here's hoping. Judy
Prizes in this contest...
Just once I'd love to win something. I would really love to win any of this awesome stuff..but if I had to pick.. I would have to say the George Quilting Machine would be the most awesome prize for me. Wish me luck!!!! Good Luck to All who enter!!!!
Prizes in this contest
Every time I watch your show on PBS, I pray I'd win that wonderful Baby Lock machine. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Wish me luck!
Beyond my wildest dreams!


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