Kaye’s Scrap Squares Free Quilt Pattern

Kaye’s Scrap Squares Free Quilt Pattern

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Changing sizes.
Love this, but the description says this, "This free quilting size chart download shows you how to quilt this pattern in various sizes - from crib quilt to bed sized quilt". But, I couldn't find any instructions on how to make a queen size quilt. Please advise. Thanks.
assembly of quilt
I have the magazine and it does not say how to put the quilt together. I really like the pattern but need instructions how to assemble.
scrap quilt
I need more directions than just cutting.
Getting the directions
Does anyone have the full directions for Kaye's Scrap Squares quilt? I love it and just feel safer having directions.
Scrap Squares
Would love to make this for one of grandkids.
Kayes Scrap Squares
A very pretty quilt. I have many charm squares and this would be the perfect place to use them. Thank you
I have made this design and it comes out really nice. - and it looks harder than it really is. However it is not one that you can watch television and work. You have to pay attention. (LOL)
Scrappy quilt
I love this quilt. It is so pretty and I do intend to use up my many scraps making this one. Thank you for the inspiration.
Love this quilt pattern. Simple yet fun.
thanks for a new idea to use for my scraps
Kay's scrap squares
I made this for my Mom on her 84th birthday in Aug,2012 & she loved it!
Thank you
Thank you for your kind words, Roseiannie!
Thank you, it is lovely!
Lovely & scrappy-it is so me! Thank you!
nolans100, I am doing the dutchman's puzzle from the Fons&Porters Ruler to rid my scraps. I have about eight more squares, Thanks to Liz Porters Flying Geese Rulers:)


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