Indigo Stars

Quilt designed by Karen Witt. Made and machine quilted by B.J. Santema
Indigo Stars

Karen Witt's quilt has many elements that make it sparkle. Indigo stars stand out against a background of tan prints, and indigo squares create diagonal chains. Stripe and floral borders provide a perfect finish.

Size: 59" × 59"
Blocks: 25 (9") 54-40 or Fight Blocks

Click here for a free sizing chart for this project.

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Yardages appear incorrect
I loved this pattern and began the construction using the sizing chart. I'm not a novice quilter but after I'd gotten approximately half way through - I ran out of one of the fabrics. I'm annoyed and will end up making a much smaller quilt than I had anticipated.
Indigo Star Quilt
This really is a beautiful quilt. I made this for my daughter. Even though I am not an accomplished quilter it turned out really pretty thanks to Love of Quilting instructions from the magazine and the weekly TV show.
indigo Start quilt
I loved this pattern. It really is simple, just get each block in your head, turned the correct way and then sew. I made this for my gr-neice, it turned out wonderful. Use the v block ruler for sure. It really helps to move this along.
Indigo Stars Quilt
I noticed several comments from folks having trouble with this quilt. On the website if you click on "Click here for a free sizing chart" you'll get a pdf file with all of the cutting sizes and instructions that you can save to your computer or print. It looks like it's really helpful.
yardage req for 59x59
where will I find the wall size requirements. I do not have the jul/aug issue. thank you for the upsize charts, but I need wall size.
Tri-Recs tools to make Indigo Star Quilt
I found the Tri-Recs tools online at They did not have them in their store, though, only available online. I ordered the Nov/Dec issue, just to get this pattern (makes a 59"x59") & want to also thank you for putting the cutting & measurements online to make it either a twin or queen size in the PDF. GREAT JOB, F&P!!
Love the show!
I'm a beginning quilter. Thank you for taking the intimidation out. Thank you for putting the cookies on the lower shelf for people just getting started. P.S. no disrespect but, I love the peanut gallery. Different storkes i guess. Thanks again!
I was watching the tv series, and loved the quilt. Is the pattern available on your website?
Does anyone know where we get the ruler for this project .
Indigo Stars-too much confusion
I'm a novice. Taped the show. Tried to figure out how to do it from that. Too much chit-chat, not enough detailed explanation. Magazine pattern didn't help either. HELP
Indigo stars pattern confusion
can we just buy a copy of the pattern; there seems to be no true copy of the pattern in either issue of the magazine


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