18 thoughts on “Binding Video Lesson

  1. Overlap both ends (pull snug, binding stretches) use a piece of binding, unfolded for a measure and cut overlap. Fold left tail up and lay right tail (right sides together) at a right angle with no s.a., stitch from corner to corner, diagonally. Voila! Fits perfectly every time.

  2. I trim backing and batting even with front, then sew the binding onto the back side, fold binding over to front side and machine topstitch instead of hand stitch. Much quicker this way and you can sew where you are sewing.

  3. I've always been taught to square the quilt before applying binding, but your're suggestiing not to remove the excess batting and backing before applying the binding (which I think is great and makes sewing the binding easier) how would I square the quilt?

  4. I printed these instructions but I've been using the binding tool and I love it! There's a tutorial on Missouri Star Quilt Co. on YouTube that shows how to use it.

  5. I have had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands in the last 3 months. (One hand at a time!) I wanted to keep making Christmas presents, but knew I would be unable to hand stitch. I searched the web and found a tutorial on attaching the binding first, to the back of the piece. Then fold it to the front and you are able to machine stitch in place with a decorative stitch. Looks terrific! Perhaps this hint(From Missouri Star Quilts) would help other quilters.

  6. I downloaded the binding instructions and read them, then decided to print them. The pics were great but the language was not english. It was english when it was downloaded but did not print out the same.

  7. @jadoodejudygoode (I've had this to happen several times also) instead of saving the file, try opening the file 1st with your PDF reader, then file save. Hope this helps

  8. I have had days of trouble and several picking out of stitches. I just realized what my problem is: I'm trying to do it backward as I'm a left-hander! Why can't someone demonstrate this way?