Flat Friends

Quilt by LOQ Staff
Flat Friends

This quilt features jumbo rickrack and pockets that hold a collection of fabric dolls. There are four dolls, several outfits for each, and even a dog and cat.

Finished Size: 42" × 54"
Finished Blocks: 3 (12") blocks

Rating: Intermediate

Flat Friends Digital Pattern

Flat Friends Quilt Kit

Flat Friends Backing

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Flat friends
I tried the link to the dolls and it doesn't work. Finished the quilt would love to make the dolls. How do I go about purchasing the pattern for the dolls? Thank you
Flat Friends
I am trying this quilt and do not understand why you sew one side of each pocket with 1/2 inch seam. How then do you sew pocket row together. Help.
Flat Friends
I just pieced this quilt and took a different route. I didn't want pockets with flaps and buttons. Worried about choking hazard for baby, so I bound the top of the pocket. This will be a gift for a shower, and the theme is Dr. Suess. Themed fabric was used and in the pockets I will put a book, a movie, and a stuffed animal. I wish I could post a picture. It's super cute.
Flat Friends Quilt and Dolls
I was sooo excited about this quilt. Our 1st grand dauther is on the way and this is the quilt with dolls I wanted to make. Like other I looked and looked in my magazine for the dolls and clothes. I agree the dolls and animals are the heart of this quilt.
flat friends
All the Moda Bake Shop has is the clothes in one color. This is disappointing as the quilt is very cute but not having the dolls is a deal breaker.
flat friends
you can get the dolls here : http://www.fatquartershop.com/Flats-Angela-Yosten-Moda-Fabrics.asp
Love the dolls
I saw this in my new magazine and read the pattern twice, looking for the doll instructions or name of the fabric panel. I agree, the dolls are the heart of this quilt. How or where can we get the doll fabric?
Flat Friend Dolls
How can we get the fabric with the flat friend dolls without buying the entire kit? Fons and Porter, please let us know.
love this pattern
Now I see from the kit description that the dolls are preprinted on some kind of fabric... but it isn't listed on the project materials list. Too bad as they are what makes the quilt so cute...
love this pattern
But where are the patterns for the dolls and accessories? They are apparenly not here? I'm disappointed.


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