Faux Quilt Piecing Video Lesson

Each row in the Pure White is unique. Designer Brigitte Heitland foundation quilt pieced her strips, but these instructions are for a quicker, easier method that looks pieced.

1. Press both long seam allowances of each print scrap toward wrong side (Photo A).
 2. Randomly place scraps atop white strip, making sure edges of strip are covered (Photo B).
 3. Machine appliqué pressed edges of scraps using matching or monofilament thread (Photo C).
 4. Trim scraps even with edges of quilt strip (Photo D).
Sew SmartTM Tip:
Use Fons & Porter glue stick to hold pieces in place.- Marianne
Download printable instructions for this quilt technique.  


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3 thoughts on “Faux Quilt Piecing Video Lesson

  1. i have used this yellow fabric in a block of the month quilt and would like to purchase some more of it. would you know where it would be available? thank you

  2. The fabric she used is no doubt from years ago. Most fabric is only made for a year or so, unless a basic, and may be unable to get any more of it. It looks like Jennifer Sampou's fabric line from about 5 years ago. That may help you in a search. Good luck!!