Double Prairie Points Quilting Video

Choose two contrasting fabrics to make Double Prairie Points. Click here to download the Double Prairie Points Sew Easy Lesson.

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prairie point size rectangle
The video showed the rectangles to be 4"; measuring your quilt divided by 4" will tell you how many you can use; if it is too big, make your points smaller or larger, depending on the look you want.
Double Prairie Points
The downloaded directions don't give the measurements of the rectangles, although the person in the video says that is where to find them. Does anyone know how big to cut the rectangles?
Perky Pinwheels
Can you help with the instructions for Perky Pinwheels. Went to the site, I have the magazine and you offer instructions but where are they??? I have gone to the www. site but nothing there.
Perky Pinwheels
Can you help with the instructions for Perky Pinwheels. Went to the site, I have the magazine and you offer instructions but where are they??? I have gone to the www. site but nothing there.
PerkyPinwheelsPDF for jam1970
Here is the pattern and instructions: Here are some lessons to help you: Have fun! : )
Perky Pinwheels??
I am trying to find the pattern for Perky Pinwheels and I have the magazine it is suppose to be in...Sept/Oct. 12 but there is no pattern. It says to look on page 5 but page five is an advertisement. A full page advertisement for something. Nothing about the perky pinwheels what so ever..HELP....And it is suppose to be available on line from their site but it will not come up...I have all the required software and everything is updated but for the life of me I cannot get it. I was able to pull up pages 1-4 but page 5 is the one with the important stuff on it...I think this is a cruel joke for the mentally challenged...:0}
Where is the video
First a message saying it is loading and then a Sew Easy page from a magazine. But no video
Double Prairie Points
Loved the demonstration and understand what to do but can't find the measurements.
Dbl Prairie points
sweet, they look lovely, brings in a bit more color and interest.
Double Prairie Points
This truly is "sew easy". Thank you so much for sharing.
Double Prairie Points
Never knew it could be this easy. This is one technique I will definitely try
double prairie points
I am making the double pinwheel quilt, used blue with a gold metalic print on the inside, they turned out beautiful. I am making 68 of these as I will make the quilt larger than what is shown and it was quick. l I found these instructions very easy to follow
prairie points
Excellent video. So easy and will really add to quilt. Thank you so much.
Prairie Points
So that's how you do it. So easy. Thanks for the video
I wish you had shown the steps in closeup so that we could see what she was doing better. It would have been much better. I do love your instructional videos and tips and appreciate all that you do for the quilters and sewers out there!
Love it! All kinds of uses for this tip running through my mind, will definate use in quilts and other sewing projects.
Double Prairie Points
Loved the demo, gives me more confidence to attempt making some. Will make a beautiful quilt border or I might just incorporate this in my quilt.Thank you so much for the fee video.
Double Prarie Points
Thanks for the demo and download. I can picture using this technique to add a special extra touch to several projects.
How these Prairie Points are used
Hi, these prairie points were used in the pattern Funky Chick which is featured in the July/August 2012 issue of Love of Quilting. Thanks for asking :)
Prairie Points
I think I missed something - is there a Single Prairie Point? What does it look like? I agree with some of the other comments regarding the camera shots. Would have like more of ironing closeups as well as the actual sewing closeups.
Used How?
Great demo, but how are they used. I have never seen them.
Thank you for such a lovely teaching. I wondered how one would achieve this , as I am so new to quilting and have seen
Wonderful new sewing thing to try!
I've never heard of double ones - thanks for the quick tut!
New to me
I am a relative newbie to quilting. Have never tried Prairie Points. Would have incorporated them into the baby quilt I just finished if I had known how make them. I don't mind being reminded of how important each step is. I appreciate the demonstration.
I think they assume we all know how to press if we are at this stage of quilting. that is a 101 lesson when we start sewing.
Nice idea! the camera should have shown her pressing rather than the point already made.
Great Idea
What a great idea to add interest and more color combinations into a quilt or table runner.
Great Idea...
But wish the camera work gave me a view of her pressing! But... I get it, and THANKS for the download - wish clearly shows the pressing step!
Great demo....


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