Straight Strips: Cutting Quilt Video

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Using this free quilting video from Fons & Porter, you will learn how to cut quilt strips from fabric yardage. While many quilters use the natural “fold” in their purchased quilt fabrics, this video will show you how to cut quilt pieces in a different manner for more accurate pieces.

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29 thoughts on “Straight Strips: Cutting Quilt Video

  1. I'm finding that Chrome and Firefox has problems on some of these sites lately. Use IE or the IE Tab in Chrome and it will work. Another site I have problems with is Craftsy.

  2. would you ever cut strips the length of the fabric instead of the width of the fabric? for example to make a border on a queen size quilt or to make a ruffle out of a long strip of fabric. How would you go about cutting it straight and evenly?

  3. The video plays great but there is no sound. I am able to hear other on QNN. I have high speed internet so that isn't the problem. Please help.

  4. Hello, if you are unable to hear the video, after the video begins, hover your mouse over the video. Look at the bottom where you will see the pause button, time of video, and volume. Make sure the volume on the video is turned up. If it is turned all the way down you will not be able to hear the video even if your computer volume is all the way up. Hope this helps! Mandy C.

  5. This video was my "aha moment:". I have ALWAYS used the prepressed fold in the fabric as a guide for cutting without realizing that it was my problem all along. Thanks, Jodi. I will remember this one and my quilts will be the better for it!

  6. I have found that lining up the ruler on the lefthand side of the fabric and then abutting another ruler on its left side and then cutting works well enough that when you have your straight edge you don't have to walk around your fabric, turn the mat etc.