Pickle Dish Pieces Quilting Video

Follow along as Jodie Davis demonstrates a quilting technique developed by Darlene Zimmerman for cutting the melon pieces for the Pickle Dish quilt. This technique will simplify your cutting for this quilt pattern.

Click here to download free printable quilting instructions for cutting pickle dish pieces.


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6 thoughts on “Pickle Dish Pieces Quilting Video

  1. Question: It's me, the blurred page person, again. I've almost completed the front of "Alice's Pickle Dish". This pattern is not for the total novice! Anyway, how much of what kind of batting do I need? Help is appreciated, as this is a gift. I guess as much as I've bothered you, you should get a picture before I send it to my dear friend. Thanks for your support.

  2. I also have a blurred page 48. The left side that tells you what materials you need for the project. When I got the magazine, I was tempted to send it back and ask for a new one, but thought I would never make a pickle dish. I have recently completed a double wedding ring wall hanging using Darlene's ruler and now feel I can do this project. Please let me know the yardage of each material needed. Thanks.