Circles for Paige

Circles for Paige

Designer Marianne Haak made this quilt for her first grandchild, Paige. Her daughter asked for a graphic, yet simple crib quilt so they dove into Marianne’s stash of fabric and this is what they came up with.

Size: 40″ × 50″

Rating: Easy

Circles for Paige Digital Pattern

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To learn more about the designer, visit our Designers Page.

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2 thoughts on “Circles for Paige

  1. I do not have cable where I live but I have a converter box and I can only get the KET channels. I happen to find Love of Quilting on one of these channels on a Monday at 11:30am…..I was so excited. I have a subscription to the magazine but to see it hands on is so much better. This quilt was exactly what I was looking for. Something that would not take a lot of time but was fun to do. I have not received my Jan/Feb issue as of yet but I am so excited to get it. Thanks KET!! and Thank you Fons & Porter for you talents.

  2. While this appliqued quilt was easy enough to cut out, dealing with a background fabric of 40 X 50, and trying to applique circles of all sizes was NOT easy! I have been quilting for more than 13 years, and sewing most of my life, so feel I understand "easy". My background fabric got terribly messy from all the handling sewing on all the circles. The quilt appealed to me because of the circles…and I have a circle cutter. I just feel titling this "Easy" was a misnomer.