Christmas Stockings

Stockings by Diane Tomlinson
Christmas Stockings

Make stockings for the whole family using one basic shape, and choose from eight different patchwork designs for the front.

Size: 10½" × 23"

Rating: Easy

Bonus: Download a free full-size pattern for this project plus assembly diagrams for 5 variations. 

Or, purchase complete instructions and patterns for eight unique designs.

To learn more about Diane Tomlinson, visit our Designers page.

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Christmas Stockings, Winter 2013
Most of you may have already discovered the eight (8) stocking patterns & instructions must be purchased. Go to and click on "complete instructions and patterns" for the other eight stockings. If you have trouble printing out the full-size patterns for the basic stockings, be sure to set your print options to "actual size" and do not print on both sides. You will get four pages of full size patterns for the three stocking in the Winter 2013 magazine.
full size stocking
I just printed out the full size stocking pattern with out any trouble
Stocking patter
I am looking for the stocking patter from the winter 2013 easy quilt magazine. Also, the article said 8 stocking patterns but they are only 3.
Full size stocking pattern
I am also looking for the full size christmas stocking pattern from the winter 2013 easy quilts magazine ??
Stocking pattern
The download link is above for the digital download for 6.95, but the other patterns aren't mentioned and I haven't been able to find them either.
Christmas stocking
Can't find the full size stocking pattern from Easy Quilts Winter 2013
christmas stocking link
Also looking for the full size stocking link and the other five patchwork designs
stocking link
where is the link to the full size stocking pattern and where are the remaining 5 stocking patterns? The pattern description in the issue states there are 8 patterns to choose from but only give 3
Stocking Patter
Please supply link to full size stocking pattern
How to download full size pattern?
Easy quilts Winter 2013 gives link to "full size Christmas Stocking pattern." But site doesn't have link.


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