By the Big Lake

By the Big Lake

“An antique quilt at Houston Quilt Festival inspired the layout for this giant! The pink prints represent the rosy light we observe at sunset on Washington Island, Wisconsin. I watched the ever-changing shoreline as I stitched my many batches of triangles.” — Marianne

Size: 96″ x 96″

Complete instructions and patterns for this project are available in the July/August 2011 issue of Love of Quilting.

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4 thoughts on “By the Big Lake

  1. I guess i messed up. half of the triangle strips should be reversed if it is to look like illustrated. instructions don't say that. however, i still love he pattern, its just that my waves don't look like the picture

  2. Loved the antique scrap version of this. Is there anyway to get a photo of it as seen on your TV show? I was inspired by it too!