Sometimes I need to change the width of my binding depending on the thickness of the batting and fabric in a quilt. I made sample bindings so I can audition them to find which size I need before cutting binding for the quilt. The widths are marked on the samples.

–Alice Miller Marcellus, MI

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5 thoughts on “Binding

  1. I love your idea. I've had this problem too but I've just never thought it could be such a simple solution. Sometimes it's such a simple solution to problems that we overlook them.

  2. When I choose 4 or 5 pieces of fabric that I want to make a quilt from, I lay each piece on the computer printer and make a color copy of each print. Then I cut out the colored paper (on a flatbed paper cutter) into hst's or strips or a 9patch to decide on a final design layout. Many times, rearranging the pieces in the process, before finally cutting the fabric. I ready to get started now !