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Are you interested in Reproduction Fabrics?

Enter to win great prizes worth over $350!

Prize List:


Blue Hill Fabrics
Fabric Collection


Aerofil Quilt Box

Official Rules:
Enter is FREE and must be received before May 15, 2012. One entry per person. The winner will be randomly chosen from all the on-line and print entries and will be announced here.


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Great colors!
Loving your patterns & directions. Encouraging others in my group to get subscription. Wouldn't it be fun to win?!
Cool summer colors!
These remind me of mint for some reason - cool and refreshing summertime feeling! What a great stash builder! Prizes like this don't come along often!
super prize!
what a gorgeous package that would be in the mail!!! :O) adore the colours!!!! been looking for repro fabrics!!!
more fabric
i am teaching my 8 year old grand daughter how to quilt and would love for her to start her own stash.
I just love these fabric. How I would like to win.
Love fabric
I love fabric! My 8 year old is learning to love fabric, too. When we go to the fabric shop she almost always picks out some fat quarters for her own stash. I also give her some of mine. Maybe in the next few years we can do a project together.
I LOVE reproduction fabrics! I have a great stash, but you can never have too many.
wouldn't that be wonderful to win
A complete collection that is fabulous and the perfect thread to go with.
Beautiful fabrics and threads!
Beautiful fabrics and threads! Thanks for the chance to win!
Fascinated with vintage looking prints
I love to look at the very old quilts made by my husbands Grandmother, who is now 99, who taught me how to quilt. She has piles of them and the stories that go with them are wonderful. Some of her quilts need repair and I hope one day to have the opportunity to try or maybe to duplicate one.
Getting into Civil War stories
I love when fabrics themselves tell the story of a generation. I am researching Civil War with my kids right now and have shown them how the ladies made do. They have asked me to build a quilt with the "old time" fabrics for our home to show how we have learned from history.
would love to win!
It's like Christmas when I get new fabrics! I'd love to win some Reproduction fabrics from Blue Hill and thread from Madera!
Repro Fabrics
I was previously a garment maker. I could'nt grasp the idea of buying fabric to cut up and sew back together. That was then. Now, Life without quilting is no life. Thanks Shelley Mallory
repro fabrics
Started a Double Wedding Ring quilt using them. Also have a family hierloom quilt with the 'real' vintage prints!
Repro Fabrics
I'm a "fabriholic"...say no more!
Reproduction Fabrics
I began my love of quilts by marvelling over the family quilts that my relatives made in the 1930s. My 88 year old dad can look at a quilt and tell me about the dresses he remembers my grandmother and great-grandmother used to piece the quilts. I hope someday that my quilts will be cherished and passed down to generations to come. Using reproducation fabrics makes me feel like I'm channeling my quilting ancestors.
Repro Fabrics
Love them. I use them any chance I get.
Reproduction Fabrics
This fabric is so beautiful and I like traditional quilts the most. I am a new quilter as of January and make quilt tops for three charity groups. I would love to win so I can learn more quilt patterns and quilt more tops for charity. Thank you!
Reproduction Fabrics
I am relatively new to quilting and have not used reproduction fabrics yet - I would love to win and make my first quilt with this theme... Thanks for the opportunity...
my 30's charm quilt
i made 225 different appliqued hearts on 6 inch white squares. it is set together with blue daisy sashing and solid blue cornerstones. SOMEDAY it will get quilted......lol. i also have my mother's grandmother's flower garden that my grandmother pieced for her. they quilted it together the summer before i started high school.
Repro fabrics
I love 30s fabrics. They remind me of the quilts my grandmother used to make. She died when I was only six months old. She, however, left several quilt tops that my mother shared with us when we were grown. We had the tops hand quilted My mother would go through the tops and pick out fabrics from her childhood clothing as well as other members of her family. I think this is where I first developed my love for quilting.
What fun!
I could have A LOT of fun creating a quilt with these fabrics. I love the colors!
Retro fabrics
I love the retro prints. They make me feel good.
Repro comfort
I love the reproduction prints! They evoke the comfort of home and someone working hard to see that their family was taken care of.
Repro prints
Love the old prints. Some of the prints reminds me of my childhood and the old potato sacks my Mother had at her cafe in the 50s.
reproduction pizazz
I tend to gravitate to the brighter colors.... away from the more drab browns and scrubbed looking wine and blue prints. The collection pictured in your giveaway, look awesome. There is definitely a quilt with pizazz that could be created with those! Thank you for the chance to WIN!
reproduction fabrics
I really like repro fabrics . I use alot of them in my quilts
30s prints
I enjoy these prints and have made several quilts using the blues, greens, and reds.
30's prints
My passion is the 1930's prints. I love the turquoise blues, bubble gum pinks, and bright yellows. The one or two color simple repeating motifs are so easy to use and the solids make blending and creating contrast so easy.
Reproduction Prints
I enjoy trying to reproduce the older quilts with the reproduction fabrics.
Reproduction fabrics
I am making a Dear Jane quilt in reproduction fabrics. My father lives in TN near Shiloh and every visit we go to the Shiloh site.
Reproduction Prints
I am a beginning quilter and just love the old fashioned style quilts!!! The material just makes me think of the good ol days!! Makes me think of how much time and effort were put into those quilts! The material is so simple in design but so beautiful when put together!!!
Reproducction Prints
I am new to quilting, but I love to sew. I am very interested in the fabrics during the Civil War era as my husband and I are history buffs to that time. I have bought quite a few pieces of reproduction fabric from the civil War era and love the colors.
Reproduction Prints!
I recently got it in my head I wanted to reproduce some of the many beautiful quilts from the TV series Little House on the Prairie. Actually the thoughts been in my head for some twenty years now, repros would sure make this slow burning brain child of mind a certain reality!
Love Repros!
Reproduction prints allow us to use fabrics in the same style as those used years ago, who wouldn't love them. I especially like 30's prints.
Country Cozy
Reproductions fabrics make a soothing quilt that looks like it could be in a country cabin. They are beautiful!
Reproduction Fabrics
I really am liking these, I have made a few great finds especially at Estate sales and folks had no idea what they really had in hand.
I love reproduction kimono prints because they're a lot cheaper than the originals!
Reproduction Fabrics
I have been around quilters all my life and have ben one since I was 10 years old. No, I won't say how long that has been, but I enjoy every year of that time, The Civil War and 30's reproduction fabrics are my passion and I can turn any pattern into a repro quilt with these fabrics. I hope to be able to find these types of fabrics forever.
love of repro fabrics
I have quilted for several years and still just an average quilter, I love the repro fabrics as they add so much character to any quilt that you make. I remember watching my grandmother and mother make blocks out of the now repro fabrics and thinking how much I liked them. I love shoping the quilt stores where they are available. they even go well with most of the fabrics from today that I like.
Repro Fabrics
My husband are new to quilting, but I did make a table runner for a wedding gift from repro fabrics! Loved it so much went out and bought more fabric to make me one too!
Repro Fabrics
I'm a very new quilter, but have already discovered that my tastes definitely lean toward the more traditional, both in design and fabric. I particularly love the the cheerful scrappiness of the 30's and 40's fabrics, and the comforting warmth of the Civil War era repros.
Fabric of my Childhood
I love to use reproduction fabrics in my quilting because it helps me to make warm and loving quilts like the ones my grandmother made for me when I was growing up.
Rerproduction Fabric
These are great and remind us of the past and the future. What's old is new again!!
Reproduction Fabric
Some projects just NEED reproducton fabric; nothing else will do! I've made several quilts using these fabrics and they look so invitng!
Everything old is new again!
I love the nostalgia of reproduction fabric. I've made quilts with civil war fabric and 30's 40's fabric and I love them! They are great reminders of the past.
Repo Fabric
I finished a Dear Jane Quilt in repo civil war fabrics and would love to make another quilt with these bright and beautiful colors.
Reproduction fabric...............Have already great ideas in my little head lol.
Oh, Yeah.
I already have fabric that would make a great backing for these colors. And I love the thread kit. Diane in Wyoming
Reproduction Fabrics
I love making projects with these fabrice; they remind me of being at my Grandmother's when I was younger.
Just for me
I would love to make a quilt for my own bed, since I have never done that before. I would love it to be made with repro fabrics for an old-fashioned and sunny feel.
I love the 30's fabrics.
I love the 30's fabrics. I've used many in quilts, but as I see a new one I have to get some for my collection for future quilts.
I love the look of the 30's fabrics. Have done a few with them. I am curently working on a civil war reproduction that i challening ut, wonderful. Would love to do more.
Reproduction Quilts
I finished a 1930s Reproduction and am working on a Civil War Reproduction. I fall in love with the fabrics as the quilts come together.
1930's fabric
1930's is my favorite reproduction fabric, they just have a calming effect on me!
Love the old style fabrics!


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