American Valor

American Valor

Catherine Roberts, founder of Quilts of Valor, and Marianne Fons worked with several fabric companies to create special American Valor patriotic fabric collections. Nancy Mahoney designed this quilt to use one of those collections. Read more about the foundation at

Size: 61″ × 73″
Blocks: 20 (12″) blocks

For more information about Nancy Mahoney, go to

Click here to learn more about Quilts of Valor Foundation mission and goals.



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4 thoughts on “American Valor

  1. I don't know why, but I am haveing an awful time trying to dicipher the actual fabrics used in this quilt? It would have been so much more helpful if I knew the exact pattern numbers. It is confusing me with the cream print 1 and the blue print 1 and light blue.

  2. I completed this quilt plus another quilt and sent them off this morning. That makes 5 quilts I have sent overseas since the 1st of September 2011. I have started working on another quilt & have the fabric to make several more.

  3. I used the American Independence Free Quilting Pattern to make this quilt. It is featured in the July/August 2011 Issue of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting, this civil war quilting pattern is perfect for today's warrior as it ties into our history with military service thru the ages. I was also honored to make comfort quilts for both of his sons. He cried when they were presented. He was amazed a stranger would care so much. As a retired military family we know what it means to serve.