American Independence Free Quilting Pattern

American Independence Free Quilting Pattern

Featured in the July/August 2011 Issue of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting, this free civil war quilting pattern is perfect for quilters looking for a pattern that features a touch of tradition.

For instructions on how to create American Independence, please click on the link below.

Quilt Instructions

Patriotic Quilts E-book

Fons & Porter Design Wall



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American Independence Quilt
I hope to start this lovely quilt soon.
American Independence Quilt
Thanks for this quilt pattern. Today we attended a Veterans Day program at our grandkids' school in Pearland, TX. All armed services were represented and honored. It was quite a moving program from the pledge to patriotic songs to Taps. Thanks to all who serve.
American Independence Quilt
This will be a great Quilt of Valor. We make kits of up for our guild members to make. In the past three years we have sent over 400 quitls overseas and to a few local VA hospitals.
American Independence Quilt
Very beautiful. Great to give as a gift to one who serves or has served our country.
American Independence Quilt
I love all the patriotic quilts, but this one really caught my eye. Thank you for the idea and for the instructions. Our grandson served in Afghanistan and we are so proud of him, and of every person who serves for this wonderful country. We pray daily for those who are still there. Thank you to whoever thought of giving the Patriotic Quilts to wounded soldiers.
American Independence Quilting Pattern
Beautiful Pattern
patriotic guilt
Thank you for this pattern.
Patriotic Quilt
I love this pattern. Wish you weren't on at 5 a.m. on PBS.
I watch you on PBS as able to. Caught up with FACEBOOK today. Just saved this pattern. Already have my RWB stash. need the Triangle square up tool. Thanks again
Colorful Patriotic quilt
I love learning new techniques and patterns for quilting
I have Fons and Porter subscription. love this pattern.
Love this quilt
I have a F&P magazine subscription, glad to see it on FB, really beautiful
Quilts of Valor
Love this pattern - it might be our next QOV project!
thanks I'll try to make my first Quilt
Thanks for sharing, the pattern and fabric are perfect together. On my to do list.
Quilt of Valor
I think this will be my next QOV I make. Thanks for sharing!
Great design
I love quilts that look vintage and also have a patriotic appeal. Thanks.
beautiful quilt
i absolutely love this!!!
I love this quilt. It is absolutely Beautiful. Can you purchase the material anywhere or do we need to order it from you?
Pattern download is working 6/28/12
Hello, this pattern will download when you click on the Download Instructions link above. If you are having problems, please empty your computer cache/cookies and try it again. Thank you for your comments.
Having trouble getting the instructions to download....and I really would like to have this pattern. Seems there has been some difficulty with it previously.,.....any info??
American Independance Quilting Pattern
This is my summer vacation project! We travel from NC to ME each summer by RV! I've got Sewing machine there, will do cutting and hand piecing along the way!
American Independence Quilting Pattern
Made this quilt and gave pattern to a friend, never got it back! Happy to have it again!
Just jump in! Pick a very simple pattern for a lap robe or baby quilt then get started by following directions of the pattern. I got started by watching "how to" quilt programs on TV (and now there are many online) that will give you basic information. The main thing to remember is quilting is fun, so don't stress over all the details. Learn as you go!
I am 64 years old and have always wanted to be a quilter, however being the procrastenator that I am . I know that isn't spelled right. I have yet to make on. Any hints on how to get started?
Pattern is working
I just checked the pattern download and it is working properly. Please make sure you click on the link "Download Instructions" and if you have a dial-up connection or a slow Internet speed, it may take a little while for it to download. Thank you for your comments.
Pattern is working and in English
Hello, This pattern download is working as of 1-20-12. It is also in English.
American Indi Quilt
This will be a great quilt to present to a wounded soldier. Will begin this one tonite.
A bit different
I find this pattern simply intriguing. thanks
American Independence Quilt
I love this quilt. Thanks so much for the free pattern!
American Independence Quilt
In 2008 I did an Oregon Shop Hop. Received blocks from each shop to make. I did not get enough for a quilt, so this pattern will be perfect. Am going to incorporate those blocks in the border of this quilt.


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