A Sprinkle of Spring - Free Wall Hanging Quilt Pattern

Quilt by Wendy Sheppard.
A Sprinkle of Spring - Free Wall Hanging Quilt Pattern

Make this cheery wallhanging quilt pattern for your favorite gardener. It's fun to make with a combination of piecing and machine appliqué.

Size: 47" × 47"
Blocks: 13 (8") pieced quilt blocks
8 (8") Pennsylvania Tulip quilt blocks
4 (8") Watering Can quilt blocks

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Bonus Quilts
When I open the pattern you can't read the instructions, but it downloads correctly.
Bonus Quilts
The instructions for the bonus quilts aren't downloading correctly...can't understand them.
Pattern Download
Hello, the pattern is completely downloading as of 7/27/12. Thank you.
Spring Issue
Great Spring Issue -Love the colors on the cover
Downloading problems
I had no problems downloading, but PDF files are memory hogs so just make certain if you have an older computer that you only have your browser and this web site up when you click on the link. The other possibility may be that you need to upgrade your Adobe Acrobat, which is free by doing to their web site. I hope this helps with the problems. It looks like a great spring quilt and can't wait to begin it.
Downloaded easily
from the website/bonus quilts. Eagerly waiting to begin making
Beautiful Pattern
I love this and can't wait to start!
beautiful pattern
I just think this is so cute! I didn't notice in the magazine the "sprinkle" drops coming from the cans...this is a MUST DO!
No Problem downloading
Love this pattern. very cheerful. i can see it in many color waves thanks
I was only able to download the first two pages.
Spring energy is here
This quilt is perfect for gifts to gardening enthusiats. My sisters are going to be very happy.


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