3. Sandy Gervais - Mary Fons

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Watch as Sandy and Mary discuss Sandy's quilting work and what inspires her. 

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Sandy Gervais - Mary Fons Video #3
Enjoyed the video, however really wish Mary would allow Sandy to answer her questions without interrupting her and cutting her off continuousing. Mary must be really impressed with herself and must really love to TALK, TALK, TALK.
Very interesting to get to know something about Sandy Gervais and he impact on the quiling world.
Love Sandy's video
What does she do with allllllll that fabric? Is she allowed to sell it.... I live in IOWA... does she allow visitors?
Video is working
Hello, this video is working as of 7/13/12. If you have a slow Internet connection, it may take longer than expected to buffer and play.
Sand Gervis
Could not get th video to load
Sandy Gervais #3
I loved the video! I don't have the art background for creating fabric but the concept of designing fabric is fascinating.
Sandy Gervais Video
I thoroughly enjoyed this video, love Sandy's fabrics and looking forward to Snap Pop, what a fun fabric line!!
Sandy Gervais video #3
Love Sandy Gervais & her fabric!


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