35mm Thread Dispenser

Use empty 35mm film canisters to dispense thread for hand sewing. Wind 4 to 5 bobbins with the threads you need, and place them in the canister. Puncture the lid several times, and pull a different thread color through each hole. You can thread needles without the threads tangling.

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10 thoughts on “35mm Thread Dispenser

  1. Instead of a 35 mm canister, a lot of diabetics use strips to check their sugar, and thos containers are equal to a film dispenser…find a diabetic and take some of thos containers off their hands and out of the landfills.

  2. How about pill containers! They are usually somewhat clear and can have a locking or unlocking lid. I use them for needles, too, and for project buttons.

  3. I use prescription pill bottles after I have taken all my meds. I use them for everything from holding needles, threads, thimbles etc. They are great… especially the newer ones they have now with the hinge tops.

  4. I use empty pill bottles. They come in 2 sizes. I use them not only as thread dispenser but also to hold old sewing and sewing machine needles. bobbins ans some other uses.

  5. Glucose containers that hold test strips would work just as well as 35 mm film canisters. They would also be good for holding those pins or needles you need to dispose of when dull or broken. Just puncture a hold in the lids which are attached to the canister.

  6. I use the small hair rubber bands they come in any color and they fit snug and keep threads from unwinding of bobbin and they still fit in my bobbin case ,also there cheap .