Thimbleberries Project of the Month Club

The Thimbleberries Project of the Month Club is similar to block of the month quilts, but instead of quilt blocks, you get an entire project! This exclusive club features projects designed by world-famous quilter Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries! Find out what’s waiting for you in the mail!

Thimbleberries Project of the Month -- Table Runner Quilt Patterns

7 Ways to Display Small Quilts with Lynette Jensen

Looking for innovative ideas for decorating with your small quilts? Lynette Jensen has 7 tips for you that are sure to strike a chord. With small quilt patterns, like table runner quilt patterns and table toppers, we can get carried away and make more than we have room for. With these tips, you can break out…

Pumpkin Blossom -- Table Quilt Patterns

Pumpkin Blossom Holiday Table or Wall Quilt by Lynette Jensen

The holidays are such a fun time for quilters! So many opportunities to quilt for our homes, quilt for gifts and quilt for ourselves! Lynette Jensen was thinking of this when she designed Pumpkin Blossom, a lovely wall quilt or table topper offered with the Thimbleberries Project of the Month. She’s so excited about it…

Kaleidoscope Table Quilt Pattern

Kaleidoscope Burst Table Quilt Pattern by Lynette Jensen

Lynette Jensen is back with another lovely quilt pattern from the Thimbleberries Project of the Month Club! You might be surprised to learn that this isn’t a scrap quilt pattern, although it certainly could become one! This table runner is called Kaleidoscope Burst and it’s an easy project that looks great with any décor! Here’s what…

Garden Vine 2 - Thimbleberries POM

A Quick Wall Hanging Quilt by Lynette Jensen

The beginning of every month brings with it a giddy anticipation for me. I know that Lynette Jensen is going to share her creative thoughts and inspiration for that month’s project from the Thimbleberries Project of the Month Club! It’s really exciting to hear from the designer herself, especially someone as well-versed and well-known in…

Autumn Star Shine Quilt

Autumn Star Shine Quilt

Stars and Pinwheels join to make an original, and stunning, interlocking design in this oversized throw quilt pattern. Multiple triangle-squares for the Pinwheel units are made using our quick 8-at-a-time technique. Watch these free quilting tutorials, Sew Easy: 8-at-a-Time Triangle-Squares and Sew Easy: Quick Hourglass Units, to make your piecing more accurate and your quilting more…

Watermelon Table Runner

Lynette Jensen’s Own Table Quilt Pattern!

It’s so exciting to have Lynette Jensen’s projects available to us every month, like the table quilt pattern below — the perfect summer quilt. It’s also exciting to have her tell us about them in her own words. Here is what Lynette has to say about the July Thimbleberries Project of the Month! We are…

Thimbleberries Pinwheel Runner Quilt

Lynette Jensen’s Quilt Binding Tips, Giveaway & Summer Quilt Table Runner

I’m so excited about the Summer Pinwheels table runner from the Thimbleberries Project of the Month Club that is shipping this month! Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries sent over her thoughts on this month’s project, and she included some great tips on binding this summer quilt. Keep reading to learn more about this wonderful project and comment to win the RJR Fabrics fat…

Red, White & Gratitude Quilt

Red, White & Gratitude Quilt

Marianne Fons cleverly used a stripe in Red, White & Gratitude, a quilt that was created for the Quilts of Valor Foundation. The quilt blocks in this patriotic quilt pattern are easy to piece using our quick triangle-square technique and the Fons & Porter Quarter Inch Seam Marker, available in the links below. Watch our free quilting…


BLOCK Friday: House Quilt Blocks

House quilt blocks have a way of bringing American history into modern homes. They’ve have seen a metamorphosis of sorts since the the quilt block’s conception in the latter part of the 1800s with pioneers and the movement west. The quilt community’s efforts to keep this great story alive means that quilters are actually quilting the history of America! See how House quilt blocks have changed over the years and how the quilt block first looked when it began to appear in quilts.


Meet Our Designers!

Welcome to the Fons & Porter Designer page! We are proud to introduce you to the talented and valued designers who have contributed to our magazines. They have shared gorgeous and impressive quilts, quilt patterns and quilt arrangements, as well as a wide variety of quilted projects. Take your time and look through the designer…