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Linda McGehee is coming to NSQG

Date and location: Oct. 18, 2012Concorde Banquets, 20922 North Rand Rd, Kildeer, Ill. (MAP) Description: Thursday, October 18, 2012 Linda McGehee, owner of Ghee’s mail order sewing and notions company has over 40 years of sewing experience and will lecture “Putting the Icing on the Cake” at the meeting of the Northwest Suburban Quilters Guild at…

Half-Square and Quarter-Square Triangles Quilting Video

With the Fons & Porter Half & Quarter Ruler, you can easily cut quilt half-square and quarter-square triangles from strips of the same width.  Click here to download the Cutting Half-Square and Quarter-Square Triangles Sew Easy Lesson. Purchase the Fons & Porter Half & Quarter Ruler at  

Hourglass Quilt Units Quilting Video

Try our quick and easy method to make hourglass quilt units without cutting triangles. The Fons & Porter Quarter Inch Seam Marker helps you draw stitching lines quickly. Purchase the Fons & Porter Quarter Inch Seam Marker at Click here to download the Quick Hourglass Quilt Units Sew Easy Lesson.


Tropical Sorbet: Scrappy Quilt

Scoop up a heaping helping of fabrics in luscious colors and playful prints to make a quilt that’ll forever put you in a vacation state of mind. Size: 60″ × 72″Blocks: 30 (12″) blocks Rating: Intermediate For more information about Ann Lauer, visit our Designers Page.


Happy Howling: Halloween Scrap Quilt

It’s fun to use a collection of holiday-themed prints in your quilt. Designer Florence Moy made this quilt using Halloween prints, but her pattern would also work well for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or even a birthday celebration quilt. Size: 51″ × 61″Blocks: 80 (4″) blocks Rating: Easy For more information about Florence Moy, visit our Designers Page.


Stripes of Summer: Scrap Quilt

Precut 2½”-wide strips are tailor-made for this happy-go-lucky quilt. Check out all the strip sets and packs available at the moment and start stitching! This quilt includes size options for Crib and Twin sizes. Size: 52″ × 66″Blocks: 40 (8″ × 6″) blocks Rating: Challenging Purchase the Fons & Porter Half & Quarter Ruler at…


Puss in the Corner: Fat Quarter Friendly Scrap Quilt

After Lynn made three-fourths of the quilt blocks she put them on her design wall to decide what else the quilt needed. She says, “When making scrappy quilts just about anything works. The individual quilt blocks have contrast in value, but the values are not consistent across the quilt.” This quilt is Fat Quarter Friendly. Size:…


It's Like Sleeping with My Stash: Fat Quarter Friendly Scrap Quilt

Evelyn Young loves working with large numbers of fabrics. This quilt contains over 550 different prints, but no shopping was required. It was all right there in her stash! This quilt is Fat Quarter Friendly. Size: 99″ × 99″Blocks: 404 (4″) blocks Rating: Challenging   Purchase the Fons & Porter Half & Quarter Ruler at Sew Easy Lesson: Cutting…


Urban Spaces: Easy Scrap Quilt

A collection of fabrics in neutral colors and stylized prints inspired Jean’s quilt. Easy to piece, you can finish it quickly with a simple geometric quilting design. Size: 63″ × 84″Blocks: 12 (21″) blocks Rating: Easy For more information about Jean Nolte, visit our Designers Page.


Golden Harvest: Fat Quarter Friendly Scrap Quilt

Use the Fons & Porter Half & Quarter Ruler to cut squares and triangles from the same 2½”-wide strips. This quilt is fat quarter friendly. Size: 60″ × 76″Blocks: 12 (16″) blocks Rating: Intermediate Purchase the Fons & Porter Half & Quarter Ruler at Sew Easy Lesson: Cutting Half-Square and Quarter-Square Triangles.   For more information about Nancy…


Blackford's Beauty: Fat Quarter Friendly Scrap Quilt

Designer Nancy McNally chose reproduction fabric prints to make her variation of a beautiful historic quilt block, Blackford’s Beauty. With rotary cutter in hand, she says, “Ready, Set, Go! Create!” This quilt is Fat quarter rriendly. Size: 81½” × 95″Blocks: 30 (12½”) blocks Rating: Intermediate For more information about Nancy McNally, visit our Designers Page.


Berry Thicket: Hourglass Unit Scrap Quilt

This elegant throw is made of easy-to-piece hourglass units and a touch of machine appliqué. Refer to our Sew Easy: Quick Hourglass Units link below for a fast and simple method to make the units with contrasting squares. Size: 51″ × 57″ Rating: Intermediate Sew Easy Lesson: Quick Hourglass Units For more information about Susan McDermott, visit…


Jack & Jill: Scrap Quilts

Double the fun! Jack’s quilt is bordered with sailboats floating on rickrack waves — a sweet flower vine graces the border on Jill’s quilt.  Size: 42½” × 53½” Blocks: 14 (4″) Pinwheel blocks, 14 (4″) Bow Tie blocks Rating: Intermediate Sew Easy Lesson: Double Prairie Points. For more information about Karen DuMont, visit our Designers Page.


Times Square: Scrappy Quilt

Inspired by the brilliant lights of Times Square at night, Diane Tomlinson created this magnificent foundation-pieced quilt using a clever setting variation with her New York Beauty blocks. Size: 86″ × 98″Blocks: 151 (6″) New York Beauty blocks; 66 (4″) Square-in-a-Square blocks Rating: Challenging Click here for the Times Square Templates. Sew Easy Lessons: Foundation Piecing…