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Marking for Quilting

I use Fons & Porter Quarter Inch Seam Markers when I mark quilting lines for hand quilting. I like them because they’re small and easy to handle when I do a lot of marking.


Quilted Postcard

I like to use leftover scraps for mini quilt postcards. Zigzag stitching around the edges in variegated thread looks pretty, and holds the layers together. My friends love them!


Needle Book

I make needle books using tiny scraps of fabric on graph paper foundations. Stitch on the lines using small stitches with lightweight thread in a neutral color. Remove the paper, layer the tops with a backing square and batting, and stitch around the edge. Trim the outer edge with pinking shears. Make a back using…


What about the frosting?

Quilting can be like frosting on a cake!  Like Chef Duff on the Ace of Cakes, I want to rise to meet the challenge! I am working on finishing my Crayon challenge quilt and Jean, our Editor is working on finishing her cruise to Alaska quilt! We have some great  Sulky and Florianni  threads we’ve…

Quilts at the Bay Quilt Show

Escanaba, MI The Quilts at the Bay Quilt Show will be held October 14 – 15, 2011 at Bay College in Escanaba Michigan. The quilt show is sponsored by the Rapid River and Escanaba Quilt Guilds. Proceeds go to local charities and food banks. Please consider a donation to be used as a door prize…

Love of Quilting May/June 2011

Buy this issue Projects          Sweet Pickins –          Jasmine Breeze –           Garden Beauty– Cover project             Modern traditional          1930s reproduction prints                      Scrap Box Diamonds –       Batik Magic –              Color Wave – Perfect for small scraps     Vivid hues of              …


GO! Baby

Just in! The Shop Fons and Porter store has the Go! Baby by AccuQuilt. It’s a great tool to make repetitive cutting a breeze! It’s not only accurate every time, but speedy and very portable! What a fun toy to take to a quilt retreat! I love that you can cut multiple layers at a time.…


Free Modern Quilt Pattern – Rock Candy

Featured in the May/June 2011 Issue of Love of Quilting, this free modern quilt pattern includes vibrant colors. This free quilt pattern would make the perfect kid quilt – perfectly complimenting any bright colors already in your little one’s bedroom. The bright, friendly colors will keep your little ones happy and engaged. ***SORRY, THIS AWESOME…


Free Quilt Pattern – Pinwheel Garden

This free pinwheel quilt pattern features various quilt shapes to create a “garden” on the quilt top. Simple pinwheels combine with circles and a quilt border to create a simple, fun quilt pattern. Featured in the May/June 2011 Issue of Love of Quilting. For instructions on how to create Pinwheel Garden, please click on the…